Binding regroup to a hotkey

Hello @Brisc_Rubal and other CSM members (not being rude, I just only know of Brisc). I’m sure your FC’s would love to support this and I’ve mentioned this in the past, but having “Regroup” bound to a hotkey would be really nice.

Nice enough for me to look the other way while CCP does this Dr. Who ■■■■. Anyway, yeah… We need to be able to bind “regroup” to a hotkey. This is all.

I’ll add this to my list.


If you’re taking requests, I would like hotkeys for:

  • loot wreck (this is the last thing that I still use the selected item box for).
  • abandon drones (useful for when you need to switch drones in a hurry. Maybe leave this one unbound by default to prevent people from abandoning drones on accident.)
  • cancel all repairs (iirc, I heard Sutonia mention this one, so he might be an ally)
  • assigning drones (I know this one would take some figuring, but maybe they could make it so that they automatically assign to the first person in the watchlist or the squad commander. Or maybe it could work similarly to orbit or keep at range [i.e. Press and hold the button, and click a name in your watchlist]. Full disclosure, this last one would be absolutely huge for multiboxers, but I wanted it even when I was still singleboxing in incursions. So, I’m sure there are non-boxers out there who would want this.)

@Suitonia @Mike_Azariah

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