Hotkey option for 'Abandon Drones'

This is pretty straightforward, I only found one other post about this, but it had been locked and archived.

Basically, as a drone pilot, I use the ‘abandon drones’ feature quite often, and it would be nice to be able to assign it to a hotkey.

Here are a few examples of when I would use the ‘abandon drones’ hotkey:

    1. My Sentries are no longer effective, but it isn’t safe to scoop them, or
    1. There isn’t enough time to recall my heavies, because
      a) I am frantically speed-tanking huge amounts of incoming potential damage and cannot afford to slow down enough for them to catch up
      b) I need to release light drones to delete a frigate or light webifier drone that is getting to close for comfort, or is already on my “6:00”.
    1. My drones are super low HP and are going to die by the time they return to my ship, I can sacrifice them as a distraction while they’re still targeted and send a fresh flight of drones in the time it takes my abandoned drones to be finished off.
    1. I need to drop sentries as decoys for the drones I’m actually going to use.

Being able to hotkey the ‘abandon drones’ option would be great. I think it’s useful for most experienced drone pilots, and even if nobody ever uses this feature, I know for sure that I will and I know I’m selfish enough to beg for a feature that will likely only ever be used by… ME! xD

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technically an option to abandon drones is only 2 clicks away:
but yeah… ability to set up shortcut would have been nice to have.

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