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o7 fellow Capsuleers!
For a long time I’ve had in my biography in game a list of things I wish CCP would bring to life. But as I’ve ran out of space in my biography and I’m still overflowing with ideas that I believe would be a welcomed addition to eve. Not only for the people who they would affect the most but also not stand in the way for people who aren’t actively engaged in that career path in the game. I will try to contain my ideas in proper categories.

General Stuff

  • Make us able to queue up reloads & ammo/script changes. I feel like I’m reloading a 1600th century cast iron cannon. My idea is pretty simple. Imagine we could just right click an active module and select our desired charge and the module would just reload at the end of the current cycle. Be it turret ammo, missiles, scripts for sensor boosters/tracking computers/sensor dampeners or command burst scripts. Basically any module that can use multiple scripts or even to unload a script and run modules unscripted like tracking computers.

  • Currently we have to wait for a booster or cerebral accelerator to end before we can use a new one. I think it would be very nice if we could use a new Booster or cerebral accelerator when there’s not much time left on the current one without time being lost. maybe 10-30% or less duration remaining? Having to sit there waiting for the second a booster goes down mid combat and refresh it is just kind of awkward in my opinion.

  • Currently if you Ctrl+Left click drag a box to lock targets it seems just locks a bunch of random stuff. I’m not actually sure what it’s controlled by but I believe it to be an improvement if what’s being locked was filtered by the selected bracket filters or maybe this could have it’s own filter.

  • Pulling implants in space. Why is this even a thing? If u ask me it’s manipulating killmail stats and that’s not fair play. I suggest having to meet the requirements to be able to refit in space to pull out implants in space.

  • Let us online more then 3 Bookmark folders at the same time.

  • Let us double bind select keybinds. I get if we’re not supposed to activate every active module with one click but let us keybind things like recall drones & recall fighters to the same shortcut.

  • I assume the session change timer when docked has an important purpose but man is it an annoyance. Having to sit through 5 timers as u move from one fleet to another, swap ship & pod, That’s 50 sec. And it might not sound like much but man does it feel like an eternity when scrambling at a moments notice. If there could be a way to just not have session change timers I for one would like that a lot.

  • Logi on Killmail, could potentially be as easy as if logi inherits a weapon timer from repping someone then they get on the kill. I know it’s probably not that simple but my list wouldn’t be complete without this one.

  • Double ship names. Currently it’s hard to come up with a system to name your ships so that you know what’s on your own ships but enemies don’t. Sitting on 100 different ships all cryptically named is a bit of a nightmare. imagine being able to name your ship “T2 RLML Caracal” in the hangar and “Fake Cerberus” in space would be really nice. This way i could tell the many different ways my ships are fit at a glance in my hangar and quickly hop in the correct setup without giving away the fitting style in space.

  • Call me lazy or noob for not manually piloting every second of my time undocked but I would love to see a “keep within” command. It’s pretty self explanatory, if you’re outside the set range your ship approaches. if you’re within it just does nothing and drifts to a stop.

  • Pretty small one, the ambiance crackling noise in the project discovery is kind of annoying. Please let us turn it off without messing up our audio settings for the entirety of the game.


  • Add a deployables tab in Locations window to have Mobile Tractor Units, Mobile Depots and the like be automatically bookmarked.

  • Make deployables able to be shared with fleet and/or corp just like a fleet hangar. We could have combat ships dropping MTUs and a salvager following being able to pick up the MTUs this could be as simple as having an option to “launch of fleet” in addition to launch for self. Then allowing fleet members to pick up that MTU.

  • Currently MTUs pull the closest eligible target only. It would be pretty cool if we could change the settings of our MTUs. What about prioritizing the eligible target furthest away? All of a sudden you would be able to drop multiple MTUs close to each other and have them work together instead of fight for one wreck.

  • Not a big one but make us able to right click MTUs and loot & scoop. Takes all the loot and scoops it. would be really nice.

User Interface

  • Make navigation hotkeys work for bookmark windows. This is pretty self explanatory on implication. From a user perspective it’s very disruptive when your hotkeys works for some parts and not for other parts of the UI.

  • Along the same lines as above but let us use key binds in the broadcast window for when the sun is broadcasted.

  • Currently the epic arcs just have a date when last completed. While the system is fine at it’s current state. I’d love to see like a unavailable/available tag could even be color coded and have like a little pop up tooltip stating the time until available again or even a notification when an epic arc comes off cooldown.

  • Just like we have readouts for shield, armor & structure next to our hud. I would love to see readouts for capacitor & rack heat as well. But especially capacitor.

  • Every time I click find in contracts on an item it resets the location setting in the contract window. I wish it didn’t reset every time. maybe it’s a bit nitpicky and it probably is. but I have to set this back to the setting I want like 20 times a day(no joke).

Asset Management

  • First off we got a pretty long one on the current Item Hangar system.

The current system with hangars limited to 1000 items and then having to resort to containers for further storage of 1000 items/container is kind of bad in its current state in my opinion. Storing our items in containers also makes creating contracts an annoyance as we can’t create contracts with items in containers. Here are some more examples. If you’re simulating a fit and press fit ship it will only take items from your hangar and items stored in containers are ignored.

I find it very convenient to just press fit ship and have the game equip the stuff I own and suggest buying the rest. But I run out of storage space in my item hangar and were I to organize my modules in containers I’d lose the convenience mentioned above. Another example, say you want to manufacture something and you have your materials organized into containers. They’ll not be available until in the industry window until they’re put in the same container or in the main item hangar and then having this location selected as the input.

To solve these issues I have 3 ideas.
First off we could adapt to the container system and have the fitting window take things out of containers when u press fit ship. The industry window could have multiple input sources so u can select a different container for each category of material.

A second solution could be as simple as scrap station containers and increase the number of items that can be stored in the the same hangar.

And for a third solution and my preferred one. Allow up to make partitions in our hangar in a tree based fashion. Simply have hangars and sub hangars just like we’re all familiar with having folders and subfolders on our PCs. We would gain all the benefits of organizing our stored stuff with all the quality of life preserved of the fit ship button able to pull from all your storage and the industry window could still still pull from all your hangar even if it’s all sorted in categorized sub hangars.

  • While the current wallet system works well, I would love to see personal wallet divisions so we could organize our personal economy it’s not a big deal but still would be pretty nice to have. And set up what income type goes into what wallet division. Say you wanted to keep your income from two different activities separate or put away 10% of your earned ISK for replacing lost ships or maybe for the weekend fun fleet with your fellow capsuleers.

  • I got some thoughts on Jump Clones too

Currently we can only have 10 clones stored. I think this is too few but I can understand if the game design is intended to prevent us from being able to jump clone to too many different locations at a moments notice. So what I’m suggesting is a way to store more clones in the same place but with the caveat that they can’t be jumped to only swapped into while already in the same location.

I got two ideas for this
It could be added to the clone bay structure service module to make player operated clone bays more attractive again now that the within same station jump cooldown has been removed on NPC stations.

It could something like a skill that allows you 5 extra clones each level that would be unable to be jumped too. Or if CCP doesn’t think having more then 10 jump clones around to jump to is too much then it could just as simple as adding more clones to the current skills or a new skill for more clones.
Guess we got more Clones now

Resource Harvesting

  • having an auto compress option when compression is available or atleast not having to reopen the compression window every time would be really nice.

  • Mining in eve has long had a pretty bad rep. I wish there was some kind of minigame during mining that would allow people to get little boons in their mining endeavors. Maybe miners could be rewarded with things like increased yield, reduced waste or better quality ore for the current cycle. Allow people to still mine like they do today but give people a reason to not go afk while mining. Maybe we could even have different mini games themed for the different kinds of mining like ore, ice & gas.

Planetary Interaction

  • It’s not that the current way is broken or anything but it would be a so satisfying if we could enable a optimal hexagon grid for Planetary Interaction to snap in all those factory placements for a pixel perfect and symmetric planetary design. Not a big one, probably not even important but I suspect that it’d be very well received.

  • Make us able to save and load presets of pi setups, drag a box over a group of factories and replace them all as a group, do this for harvester heads too so it’s not such a pain to reposition them one by one every time. Make us able to make draft setups just like we can with simulated fittings. And maybe even make them shareable.

Proving Grounds

  • It makes no sense limiting people to a T1 Destroyer with T1 equipment if people are just gonna go and and invest half a bill in implants & Boosters anyway. I’d say don’t allow any implants or boosters in the proving grounds, stay with the spirit of the decision to make taking part affordable and fun.


  • Currently there’s no way to control who broadcasts what in fleet. It results in random undisciplined people broadcasting targets and navigation commands they shouldn’t. This causes all kinds of awkward friendly fire and chaos. I wish there was a setting to only allow people to broadcast for reps but need a role or permission to broadcast other things like targets and navigation.

  • I got another big one that would add another tab to the fleet window to make organizing who does what command bursts a lot more streamlined.

So currently all organizing of who does what command bursts has to be all done through chat. When you got a like a hundred people scrambling to get into fleet right away and everyone join fleet at different times and join in the organizing halfway through it gets a chaotic.

So what I’m suggesting as a solution is a new tab in the fleet window called Command Bursts & a new fleet role so the fc can delegate the overseeing of organizing command bursts if the fc wants to. In this new window it would look a little bit like this. (forgive my poor drawing skills) but I hope this makes as much sense to you as it does to me.

The game would automatically detect and put people in columns. Different configurations of links would of course be able to be saved with fleet presets so fcs don’t have to disable mining bursts for every pvp fleet or set up their preferred configuration a new every fleet.

There is a lot to this one and I totally get that many of you might be skeptical at this point. But I hope that you like this idea as I do. I spend a lot of time doing this because I believe organizing command bursts can be done better. As this could take it from people having to join the correct chat to try and work out who does what while people come in and out. To this system that would make it so that fc just forms fleet with a preset as usual but now containing command burst settings. Fleet members just join as usual and the system automatically assigns and refits peoples command bursts according to their capabilities and the preferences saved by the fc.

So I have a few other ideas as well on some game mechanics that I think could be interesting to see. these are a bit more of a longball but maybe people like them who knows could be cool. these ideas aren’t as serious of suggestions as other the ones above are. but they’re ideas I like and I figured why not just write them down, maybe they’re well received, maybe they’ll inspire someone else who comes up with something amazing.

  • First off, Edencom logi. Yes, bouncing shield reps, crazy? Could it work? Would it be op or weak? Who knows. I think it’s a really funny idea.

  • Scooping salvage. Instead of just salvaging in space like we do now. What if we give the Noctis the ability to scoop up wrecks into a special wreck hold to carry back to station were disassembly needs to be run like an industry job. We could even have a bigger salvaging ship that would be able to scoop up wrecks and process them in space like freaking mortal engines. Maybe requires Industry core? What do you all think? To much of a hassle? Cool idea?

  • So we’re all familiar with sort cycling mining lasers. And we’re all familiar with disintegrators ramping dmg. But what if we combine the two? Dank yields? High risk & high reward. Who dares to keep their laser running the longest when two miners contest the same rock? Who holds the laser for too long and gets nothing as someone finishes off the rock while you’re still running? Probably op but I think the idea is pretty fun.

  • I’ve been thinking about this black hole region were you can only go deeper in a spiral around the black hole and the only way out is through death or jump clone so no items can be exported. The deeper you go the cooler stuff there would be. Maybe new ships, enemies, lore, isk making opportunities. who knows? Do u dare to goo deep enough to find out? The goal would be to make it very desirable to go past the event horizon and dive deeper into the black hole towards the singularity. Maybe there could be weather storms that increase in strength the deeper you go maybe waves of artificial tidi as gravity pulses in intensity warping time? The picture I have in my head is kind of a place that’s totally different from anything else that just gets more and more stunning the deeper you go.

Some closing words. I will continue to update this post we new ideas as I often think about what would make our lives in eve better. I’m also not married to all the exact details I’ve mentioned here. What I’ve written is my suggestions and similar as well as wildly different ideas might be better who knows. I of course welcome all constructive feedback and debate and will try to stay active in this thread. If you like the ideas in this thread please drop a like and commend to keep the thread going and if you have suggestions of your own you’re of course more then welcome to comment below and remember to fly dangerously. o7


bro you could make a book about this

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Haha thanks. It is of course always appreciated to hear ones ideas being well received. :slight_smile:

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^^^^^ all of the above is great!

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shameful bump

you may get more traction if you contribute these ideas individually to the official Little things / Small QoL suggestions thread, note the formatting to ensure it gets picked up.

That’s a good idea. Maybe it justs overwrites it so there is still some penalty involved.

Fair enough…

This is actually wrong. It will consume one booster per slot of the selected items. If you select Exile and Blue Pill, it will only consume one, but add an Overclocker and it will do one of the previous ones plus the Overclocker.

They are a necessary evil. Maybe is the game improves in performance enough it can be shortened to something more akin to 3-5 seconds.

Good idea, but I think this is just too difficult to implement.

Hmm… interesting…

I think the KAR command just does this better. If your ship stops dead when in proximity to another ship, it just is really bad for your survival. KAR about 20% closer then you would theoretically Keep Within, and you will help your own tracking. It is a nice thought, but I think it will be quite useless.

An Anti-Approach, like an easier Keep At Range 1000km, would be appreciated though.

Sounds really hard to implement, but a good idea.

I don’t use MTUs very much, but I know that this would be really really nice.

Like the percentage thing? That’s a pretty good idea, but I don’t know where you’d place them.

Maybe this could also improve with game performance.

Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes YES.

If you want to use real budgeting strategies, at thap point you just have to use real spreadsheet programs.

I think that would benefit AFK gameplay too much.


I kind of agree, but it makes well-oiled fleets that much more impressive when they can have this level of command structure and organization in the current system.

This is hard to implement, and would likely involve rewriting a lot of legacy code. Good idea though, has a lot of merit.

Hehe this would be so useless. Focus fire is how fleets work. It would really only be useful for tanking light smartbomb damage or bombs.

And it gives higher returns than just salvaging? Kinda removes the purpose of salvaging and makes the Noctis overly essential.


Actual resource wars!

How would you get the ships out? If they are locked in the region, what happens if someone gets them out?

I didn’t realize you liked pain.

This is insane! This post is so good!

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maybe, but this is also a way for me to collect my thoughts on what i’d like to see different in the game

Thanks :slight_smile:

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