Newbie questions : quality of life questions ( UI etc)

Hi all and o7,

First thanks to the devs and the community for this great game, at first i just wanted to try and then it quickly became « ok it’s 2 am and lost my 15th rifter in a row but if i read this guide according to what this capsuleer adviced me on the newbro channel I can come back and tinker my 16th ship for scram/web kitting, wait we can explore wormholes too to finance those blown up rifters ? ».

Nonetheless I would have a few questions about how you make shortcuts and other improvements to play in a more pleasant manner ( sorry for my English : it’s not my native language ) :

How do you integrate your personal locations in the overview ? The right clicking menu and sub-menus are not the easiest things when you are trying to escape.

Is it possible to configure a shortcut to a personal bookmark ? A « warp to safespot number 1 now ! » button

When you press the pvp button, also called « undock », is there a way to automatically see forward in the direction you are going, not the nice picture of your ship leaving the station ? I lost a few ships to camping guys just because instead of turning around with left click, the latter prompted the radial menu and got me out of align for insta/undock.

Is there a way to color your home station with a special color ? Or to always give the route to it a color ? Or a shortcut to prompt a pre-determined escape route ? Right clicking assets to prompt the route to your 17th ship hangar is quite stressful when you know that the guy can show up near the moon when you warped to and finish the job and your capsule.

Is there a way to use “orbit” and “keep in range” shortcuts with last selected target/ item selected in the overview ? While fighting, if I press “z” ( my shortcut to keep range at 7000 km) the game says “select a target”. Come on Hal 9000 ! The one I already selected and highlighted in the overview ! Hurry he has blasters !

Is there a way to create sub-folders in your item hangar ? Each time it’s “time to sell the loot, ah yeah I can’t sell from the ship cargo, let’s put them in the item hangar, wait there are 146 items now, where is my Optimized Attainment Decryptors in this mess ?

Is there a way to organize your item hangar from “newest acquired item to newest” ? Or “from most expensive to cheapest” in the same way that we can organize by volume or name ?

When you simulate a ship, is there a button to auto-equip your current ship with the modules and rigs of this fit if items are available in your item hangar ?

Is there a way to “auto-loot” or “loot all” selected item : yeah I asked you Hal to loot this ship, do it, don’t prompt a window while you know the time I react I will have overshot with my micro-warp drive. And you know we are broke and take even the metal scraps anyway

Is there a way to see the date of mails when viewed in the inbox ( I know the date is written inside but when you have 32 unread mails, it’s hard to open them all to check which one is the latest ) ?

Thanks for reading this wall of text and thanks for your help !

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Cannot but I make non bookmark personal places links in a note in notepad. One of the handier accessories in game.

see note, above re notepad.

Station containers and the like are what you are looking for

Use the filters to select by value or usage, the filters can be an open box letting you switch between things you do or don’t want to see. I also use said filters while looting, at times to only grab the high value items.

Save simulation the buy all in lower right, if you already own all the things then rt click a packaged ship and use multifit, selecting you chosen saved fit

It is, on my mail one of the columns, received, following subject column. Not on yours?

Did not have answers for everything but I hope that is a start


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To setup your overview when in combat makes it a special thrill, but some say it’s way easier to prepare the overview on a sunny peaceful spot in highsec :wink: . There’s a bunch of overview presets you can import, there’s a chat room called z-s overview (have to look for the exact string).
It’s very handy to have a clear PvP-Setup, and a clear travel, mining etc setup.

I have “Personal Assets”, “People and Places”, and “Inventory” as 3 tabs in the same window. I delete used Bookmarks and use the “search” tab in “Personla Assets” veeeery often.
If I want a route home calculated by the Autopilot, it takes 2 clicks via these overviews, but the notepad sounds a nice and neat solution for a quick bookmark to frequently visited places. When in battle, I just take a random celestial or Asteroid belt to get away (I learned to use to warp in 100km distance, just in case…), that depends on the overview. Aligning beforehand helps a lot, btw.

Yes, get yourself an MTU :slight_smile:

Edit: The channel is called “Z-S Overview”, just search for it in the channel window.

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Hi all,

Thanks for your answers. I took the time to check new options in-game after reading your posts.

Item Hangar : Containers do work but you can’t sell from it and the muti-fit option only considers items in your item hangar ( and not in your containers). So I ended up all the same with a mix of loot and fits in the main hangar until I decided to have one station for loot and another for fits.

Mails and Item Filters : Indeed you are right. I just noticed the reason i didn’t see the column was because the window size was too small and there wasn’t any alert or clue saying i needed to enlarge it.

Multi-Fits : Great option but a bit “all or nothing” : if a single item is missing, it won’t allow. And the “buy all” option gets his name right : it buys all. There is a no option such as “buy missing components”. Nor there is an option “fit as much as you can even if some pieces are missing” ( for instance ammo). Am i wrong ?

Macros : yep, i know : “F1 + F2 + F3” seems not to be allowed. But did anyone already tried “select last active target + orbit” or “orbit at X km” ( X being different from previous Y orbit). In theory it’s only one action and so allowed ?

My trouble is that the game doesn’t seem to allow different orbits without using right click or the radial menu ( which in a pain) like “shortcut 1 = orbit at 1K” “shortcut 2 = orbit at 7,5” “shortcut 3 = orbit at 10 Km”. Any thought ? Did I miss some in game possibility ?

Thanks in advance,

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Not completely wrong, no. You will get a window that pops up that will give you the option to remove items you don’t have or don’t need so you can customize what you buy. But you are correct that there is no “Buy Missing Items” option.

It’s still technically a combination of multiple commands, so I believe that this would be prohibited as well.

Not that I am aware of, unfortunately. You have an interesting idea about mapping multiple hotkeys to support that, but this is not currently an in-game option (that I know of, anyway).

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