Pesky Setup/Settings Issues

I usually keep the map up and the system locations tab up all the time. Now almost everything else persists between sessions but these things don’t. Is there a way this setup can persist between sessions?

I don’t know of a way to do this. You can try checking the game settings, but I doubt this will help you.

Maybe you can put shortcuts in so you can reopen them faster.

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Almost on day one of this game, I cleaned out all those goofy shortcuts CCP uses as default and replaced them with simple one key shortcuts more memorable. M=Map (universe) and N=Solar System Map. @Muh_Mabebu I don’t know if CCP will ever get the UI on track, they should let us users have a crack at it.


It would look like dog poo, but function beautifully.

Other MMOs allow user custom design, it not only looks better than the default, it saves the company for the need to pay someone to build a Photon UI.

I like what your pilot is wearing @ Muh Mabebu

@Uriel_the_Flame doesn’t she look great in Yellow!

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Those shortcuts make a lot of sense. The existing shortcuts are a major PITA on a mac. MWD cloak trick is like playing finger twister on the keyboard.

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