CCP please fix

(abandonship) #1

The People and Places icon looks to much like the fitting icon and I am forever clicking on the wrong one. Either move them further apart or change one of them.

Anyone else having this issue?


(Old Pervert) #2

Are you on drugs? The real kind, not the Eve booster kind.

(isk4trade) #3

Erm … you can drag and drop any icon on your Neocom to where you want it … :wink:

(Claire Elfira) #4

Alt+E maybe? Its shortcut for people and places/ bookmarked locations.
Alt+F is for fitting. Not possible for u to mistake that even if u haz fat finger, no?

(abandonship) #5

i play in a dark room i cant see my keys

(Nana Skalski) #6

Map and market always looked kinda similar to me also. Also both start on M.

(zluq zabaa) #7

If it feels fleshy and rigid, it may not be the joy stick you were meaning to grab.

(system) #8

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