CCP Please Revert back to Old Default Neocom


So recently my laptop got fixed, windows reinstalled etc.

I downloaded and installed a fresh copy of Eve and logged in.

The neocom bar is very minimal and doesn’t have some of the most basic icons that I found very helpful when I was starting out as a new player. They’ve been strangely hidden inside menus which you have to access by clicking on the character icon at the top left.

  • Z icon for Wallet
  • Ship Tree

a few others I can’t remember, but those two above are the most important, and should really be put back as default icons.

Thanks for reading.

Y can just drag those menu options to neocomm bar and create a shortcut

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A new player wouldn’t know about dragging shortcuts.

They were already there for them to explore before, why hide them?

Those are vital buttons.

It makes no sense to hide the player’s finance deep inside menus.

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Ah when y put that way I totally agree

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I used to love exploring the range of icons on the left neocom bar when I was new.

It was so exciting. Everything meant something and added something to your player experience.

The dropdown menus just change all that. I don’t get it.

It’s a ■■■■■■■■ change they made a few months ago.

Really, REALLY dumb change. We’re talking epic stupidity. I have to wonder if the person that did it is even a sentient being.

I’m calling for Finger Guillotine on the dev that did it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Jesus wept!

Last time I saw Jesus he was picking pockets in Barcelona; if he’s weeping, he got caught.

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I saw Christ on a bike.

Was it a Unicycle?

No, it was an Omnicycle.

Just came back from a haitus and have to agree. Sure the old neocom was a little cluttered, but hiding the wallet in particular seems idiotic. Some stuff can get trimmed down but not the wallet.


LOL! How often does that happen? New accounts are 99.9% old players.

Hi, when you clip my original quote like that I have no idea what you’re referring to.

At least once. My wife sign up two days ago. I guess she is in the 0.1%.

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