2003 player, coming back after 9 years, UI suggestions/questions

So. Started about 15 minutes after the servers went online for the first time after participating in beta. Left about 9 years ago, and now I’ve come back.

SO MANY NEW THINGS. It’s like learning from scratch all over again. I may have 68mil SP, but I’m bloody useless. At least I have friends that got me back into it that I can bug.

The new UI is…interesting. I can understand moving toward more of a ‘taskbar’ type paradigm for the neocom, but it gets very busy.

So I have a question:

  1. Is there a way to dock the notification doohicky to the neocom, just as you’d expect in a taskbar paradigm? It seems very, I dunno how to put it, just completely out of place. Yeah I can move it around, but it’s always on top, and Eve has always been a screen real-estate hog.

And two suggestions, which may just be me not knowing the new system:

  1. Can we get the option that the minimize button shades the windows, like they used to do back when we sent carrier pigeons with our game commands? That was a huge benefit. Yeah I can double click, but that’s literally twice the effort!

  2. After all this time, the trade order window is still painful to use. In fact, the whole trading system is a pain to use. If I want to sell something, I have to do two separate things, both in the context menu - view the market data to discover what price to sell at, and then make a sell order. Can we get some way to link the two windows together? So that if I place an order it automatically shows me the market data? Or at the very least have a button in the order window I can click on to do that?

Like I said, this may all be moot and I’m just missing something in the new window system, if so please let me know!

Glad to be back, not glad I’m going to have to strip all my ships and learn new fittings, especially now EFT is dead :’(



I endorse these changes!

Sadly, I don’t have any clean answers for you other than to check out PYFA as a replacement for EFT. It’s a bit different, but you’ll catch on quickly and you can move your fittings into it since they can use the same format.

Edit: Also, welcome back!


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There’s an ingame fitting tool now. pyfa is going to be better, but there’s a basic fitting tool acessable through the ship fit window now.

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Well I need something to do when I can’t play Eve :wink: Thanks for the head’s up on PYFA

Also, I am an idiot, there is a damned button on the trade window now. Just a shame I can’t auto-link them.


You can move the damage and other notifications, which show up in the middle of the screen, anywhere else. There is a settings button on the right side below the capacitor-circle-hud-thingy. You need to find it, click it, and figure out which one of the options it is.

If you press the wrong button it’s going to format your hard drive though. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Ah yeah I know about those, I mean the box with the radar in it :smiley:

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The box with the radar in it?


Are you talking about the box above the center UI that lists all the different signatures detected by the system sensor sweep?

Or are you talking about system/directional maps?

Maybe something else entirely.

If you can, post a screen shot. That would be much more helpful in understanding what it is that you actually want to do.

It’s literally called the notification feed :smiley: “Blah blah skill done” etc.

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You can’t dock it in the Neocom, but you can move it around. Click on it and hold your mouse button down until it “pops out” (takes a second or two), then you can move it where you want it.

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