I'm finally able to play this game again, but I don't think I want to

Seriously I haven’t been able to play for years, it just always crashed on startup on a Mac for me. I’ve gone through several MacBooks and it just did it on all of them, no idea why? However I tried again this year and finally it works again! However it has been several years since I’ve seen the game and it looks totally different now. I’m gonna guess they’ve added lots of stuff to fix the new player problem they’ve always had apparently? Despite the game attracting so many players after that 2007 engine update or whenever it was.

It’s just UI windows flashed at you everywhere now, the option to buy so much stuff I do not understand what it even is. At the same time you have all this new mission stuff and its sensory overload. It was never like this 10+ years ago, the game was quite easy to understand with a much lighter UI than it has now. I also noticed you can buy Skill Points now… so that is disappointing to see. I would have hoped CCP changed the SP system entirely as it is something that eventually needs to happen, but oh well, I guess they’d rather make money from it.

It reminds me of why I ignore mobile and online gaming, just everything is about selling you stuff. All you see is UI all over the screen to buy points or loot in every game. It is so tiresome and logging into EVE Online just now… what happened to the simplicity of subscribing and logging in and just having a game to play?

I dunno If I’m gonna bother carrying on, they’ve made the game so complicated and intimating now. I’m gonna guess they’ve tried to add all this stuff for new players? Well to make money under the guise of it being for new players?

The best way I can describe it is you used to just go and do what you wanted. However it looks like they’ve added all this UI to make linear paths for new players. Which just makes it more complicated adding all these new layers, then they’ve added all these shortcut paths to pay for with money… but what am I buying? None of it makes any sense to me, like wtf is Omega? Why would I want to buy that, what is Plex? It’s al confusing terminology.

I just go “nope I’m out”… I missed logging in and going “I’m gonna do some PVP”, but now I have a whole UI telling me all my options… what is all this stuff? I just want to fly out and shoot stuff like you used to do.

Maybe I’m just brain damaged, but EVE seems confusing to me now.

That doesn’t sound at all believable.

And then:

Yeah no

Hahaha, it’s dumbed down these days

If you’re going to pretend to be this oblivious then it’s obvious it’s exactly that: pretending. This is just a whine post made by a forgotten alt.

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Buy this flashes? Where?

I have not seen that in my eve client while playing eve? If the UI is new to you I doubt you played the game back in the day because it is still the same. Unless you opt in for the new yet similar prettier UI.

I give this alt troll post a 1/10. And that is being generous.

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The game is just as complicated as it was 10 years ago, and there are no linear paths outside the NPE (which is short).

The ads and monetization stuff are BS, however, and you aren’t the only one getting turned off by it.

I don’t know what they’re doing now, but they have done things like that before. For example, at one point, new accounts would eventually trigger a neocom button to buy a sub (that would flash and have a red exclamation point on it, irc), they’d send newbros Evemails to buy plex or subs (can’t remember which), and then, of course, there was the newbro plex ad that would be triggered on player death.

So, like I said, I don’t know what all OP encountered, but I have no doubt that encountered some in-game ads that are targeted specifically at newbros. And, while I don’t think that in-game ads are inherently evil, (1) they can be annoying, and (2) they are something typically employed by lower quality, cash-grab games. Both of which can leave a bad taste in people’s mouth.

Ah ok… Might be if you are Omega you don’t see too many of those.

I guess they target certain people differently based on some sort of metric. That would still not bug me if it came up when I log in for the first time that day.

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How did you sustain your brain injury? Did the docs do open-cranial surgery or is that scheduled yet?
I hope you get better soon so you can understand EVE again and I’m glad that your Macintosh works once more.
Welcome back to EVE capsuleer.

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Yeah, like I said, I don’t think ads are inherently evil, and are more understandable for free to play games. However, they can be annoying, and are associated with crappy cash grab games, which can make them very damaging to product perceptions. Supposedly it has to do with heuristics, or how people use mental shortcuts to reach conclusions. For example, people have, at different points, used things like price, weight, and the use of wood as a build material in order to evaluate product build quality. And that’s why people assume that Beats by Dre has better sound quality than they actually do (they are mid range headphones with high end prices), why Chinese electronics manufacturers will sometimes add weights to their products to make them feel heavier, and why manufactures used to add fake wood paneling to everything.

Nowadays, people tend to associate in-game adds with crappy, free to play mobile games, which is going to result in a lot of players automatically assuming that Eve is garbage because of them. And this holds especially true since we’re talking about PC players, who typically view mobile games as being crap. Additionally, trying to sell plex, SP packs, and items/ships in those ads is going to turn off the type of players who hate P2W (yes, perceptions are more important than reality. So it doesn’t matter if Eve is a skill based game if new and potential players think it’s P2W.)

Now, from a consumer’s perspective, it is a mistake to try to evaluate products based on heuristics -especially since companies are aware of this type of consumer behavior, and try to use it to psychologically manipulate customers. However, that doesn’t mean that this stuff isn’t doing any damage to new player retention and acquisition, and ultimately hurting the long term health of the game. Of course, I don’t have enough information or knowledge to say this is the wrong business decision. But, I can certainly say that I don’t like it from the perspective as a player.


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Oh, and to OP, I honestly believe that Eve is still worth playing, and encourage you to come back. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask.

And, if you don’t stay, can I have your stuff?


:sweat_smile: What are you going to get, civilian afterburners and Miner I ? Doesn’t look like he played a whole bunch from his OP.

As a government employee, reading this is absolutely music to my ears. When they’re so confused like this, and are practically begging for someone else to make all the decisions for them because they’d just like to live their lives on autopilot and not have to think about stuff, it makes my job so much easier. We can get away with so much this way, you have no idea. Seriously, some of the stuff this level of ignorance has enabled is almost surreal. Like, I don’t think you guys know what’s coming, but trust me, you’re in for a wild ride. I hope y’all like rectal identification chips!



I don’t know that brand of chips. I usually buy Lay’s. Regulars. Those other flavors make my stomach heave.

Um… I’d be more concerned with size and texture, than with flavor.

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I approach this with MAJOR doubt

You expect EVE to say the same 10 years ago? Probably going to be MASSIVELY different

Prehaps gaming is not for you. I suggest sticking to some really good single player games. Minecraft, Ravenfield, Totally accurate battle simulator, city building games, stelleris. There are so many simple gameing titles out there. Yet you are here in EVE KNOWN FOR THE HARD LEARNING CURVE
Don’t get me wrong CCP has been working to simplify EVE and from what I have researched back then it was ultra complex.

Why don’t you try Elite Dangerous? If your into space sim PvP

Well CCP needs to make money somehow. Games are a mixture of business/ideals.

Yes CCP has defined what careers people can take in EVE. I personally think players today don’t know how to play a sandbox. I am happy CCP has put a lot more effort into the tutorial.

Why are you so confused OP? What drives this? XD


We have a problem in the UK where people who vote the government in from our 2 party rigged system keep begging the government to make changes they could make themselves or solve by not working for a sht company. They don’t realise the agency they have over themselves.

The other braindead thing is that both labour and conservatives have proven they are complete sht but they will still think they will change and will still vote for either because they have been completely had by the populism and marketing.

The walking dead.


Because if may come as a shock to you that CCP is not a charity and someone has to be paying something to keep it all going. So basically you’ve just discovered that Eve is not actually ‘free’…or rather, that there’s a whole bunch of paying people who are very kindly subsidising all your freeloading…yet still you whine.


I’m sure EVE can look like sensory overload when returning from a long absence, but rest assured it always did. It’s always been boxy UI text windows, long text descriptions in which missing the smallest detail can spell failure, and complicated mechanics.

EVE is still certainly worth playing, it’s just a question of how much and how deeply you choose. It’s not as instant-gratification and constant-stream-of-rewards as many other MMOs.

I think your memory may have fuzzed out the complicated bits. However it is true the new AIR NPE and Career stuff pops up more things in view than was the case, and some screens like the Skills pages are more busy than they used to be. Once you get past the early phases of starting out the game looks and plays much like it always has.

For reference:

When EVE went free-to-play, they called Free characters Alpha and subbed characters Omega. So Omega is just the name of the sub, now. And Plex is the in-game currency that replaced game time cards, Aurum and some other things. You use it to buy skins, skill injectors, even Omega/sub time, and can trade it for ISK in-game.

There are new pop-ups to buy various packs, especially for the first bit of new/returning players, but again once you get past the initial few days of returning you’ll see fewer of those.

Players coming back to any game after a long absence often find it confusing and sensory overload, mostly because they remember being comfortable with it before and find it difficult to understand now. But after a couple weeks you’ll be back in the groove.

EVE is still interesting, and you’ll get over the oddness soon. And just feel free to ignore all the forumites trying to dump on you for expressing an honest and fair opinion of what it’s like to return to EVE after a long absence. They’re just here to make themselves feel better by sneering at other people.

(And the hilarious thing is, some of them are the “bittervets and haters are the reason EVE is failing!” crowd, all while telling people to shut up and go away because you’re expressing your opinion.)

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:astonished: What do you mean? Are we still talking chips?

i played for ever in my 2009 imac them in my 2014 imac
them they made impossible to play with my version of mac os , so i quit
months latter i discovered that Mojave works and i wont need to install Catalina , sooooo im ok with that
can have my other games and play eve again , yayyyyyyyyy :smiley:
mac client seems to be better than wine for mac users

i have no opinion about your post besides that
but good for you that you have a mac aka a real computer GZ

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