For the love of god, may we finally have a way to replace shortcuts?

(Robert Caldera) #1

without having to find and clear them prior setting???

This is so fcking annoying.

me: set Alt+E for Drones Engage
eve: this shortcut is currently bound to whatever. Do you want to replace it?

btw. this new forums is a piece of garbage, dump it and return the old one.

(Cade Windstalker) #2

It’s really not that hard to go and find whatever it is that it’s bound to. I’d recommend you throw this in the little things thread. If it’s quick it’s a perfect candidate for that thread, if it’s not there are other better things CCP could spend their time on even in the settings menu.

Also there is literally zero chance of the old forums coming back, they’re old as heck and built on an even older backend that was no longer maintainable.

(system) #3

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