UI bugs out

Have an issue with the UI, when I close the f10 map the readout has dissapeared, and all modules are invisible. Some fighter UI thing shows up instead, even though I am not in a carrier.

It persists after docking/undocking. If i try to use the fitting screen when this happens, I can not put anything in any of the fitting slots.

Shutting down the game helps until I open f10 map again. I have tried resetting UI-settings and also tried uninstalling and installing the game.

Curious if anyone have seen something like this, and maybe have some tips. Can get a little bit frustrating.

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Try clearing all cache files in Esc menu, also can verify all downloaded files in Launcher.

Thank you, resetting all settings seemed to help! I thought I had already tried that, but I might remember wrong, getting old here :laughing:

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Nvm, played a little bit again, and it started doing it again. Strange.

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Reset all settings?

I probably should have explained it better. Anyway, here’s the paths I was talking about which usually help remove little annoying bugs…

For ESC menu > select ‘Reset Settings’ Tab > select ‘Clear All Cache Files’

For Launcher > select Gear Icon upper right corner > select ‘Tools / Cache’ > select ‘Shared Cache’ > select ‘Verify’

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