Does anyone else keep getting UI glitches?

Hey all,

I keep getting a repeated issue with invisible UI windows appearing that will override everything else in the game, and I’m wondering if anyone else is getting the same thing?

I’ve noticed it more on this character, who I am finally playing and going through the AIR program with. I’m not sure if it’s linked to that at all, but it does seem to be happening more regularly, usually after a tutorial popup.

You can see in these screenshots below an example of it; I literally just restarted the game after the server outage and was heading out to work on the mining quests. At no point did I click on a merlin, there were no merlins in the local space. The only possible way it could have come up is when I looked at the fitting window to throw a few bits onto this ship.

From then on, until I logged off, whenever I moused over a certain part of the screen I’d get the magnifying glass icon. If I click-dragged with left click, as if to turn my camera around, it’d drag the merlin picture as if I was in the fitting screen. This even persisted when I got into a station, as you can see by it blocking the industry window.

It’s not always ships and it’s not always in the same location. It’s just like some random UI element just completely borks out. Yesterday it was the probe window, I was unable to click on the top of the NeoCom because I was getting a message about probe distance. The day before that it was just a random popup that I can’t remember on my main character. It’s been happening for a solid week now.

I’m wondering if anyone else is getting this issue and if they’ve found it’s related to any software conflict or anything? I’ve only got Discord and usually a browser up when I’m gaming, and they’re usually on my second monitor. But I thought I’d ask.


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