A second "selected item" window is open, except it isn't

Here is the issue in detail: Somehow, a second “selected item” window was opened, but this window is only visible as a Neocom ‘documents’ icon. When I click the Neocom icon, my normal “selected item” window minimizes, and the Neocom icon updates to show that there are now 2 “selected item” windows. When I click the Neocom icon, it maximizes my normal “selected item” window back into place, but the other one remains invisible/minimized.

Please help me close this extra invisible/minimized window. It’s almost as annoying as the red dot.


I have just experienced this issue. It started yesterday and it cannot go away.

Same issue here as well, started after patch day. Some fellow pilots i know are affected too.

Not game breaking, but really annoying.

Yup same issue here since logging in today have a random Selected Items at the bottom of the NeoCom

It’s interesting as you can hit the “Reset Buttons” but then it’ll come back not long after
I’m getting real frustrated with it, but I’m at least glad it’s not just me

Same problem, very annoying

same thing when docked but with the station services/undock panel

Hey Devs, it’s getting worse. The curse has spread to station services.

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