Selected item window, can it be removed?

I’ve set up a functioning overview where I can see targets and distance to targets, have keybinds for warping, aligning, orbiting and such, so now I have a redundant ‘Selected Item’ window that’s taking up precious UI space.

Is there a way to remove this window? Toggle it off?

Or is there a reason I should keep it, that I may have missed?

(I only see a minimize button, but that’s not a permanent solution, it puts the window back every time I undock…)

Basicly no and alot of people find it useful still

Oh but I’m not asking for it to be removed for everyone.

I’m just asking if there’s a toggle, which would be useful for people who use keybinds.

IIRC it cant be closed completely. You can put it in an area of the UI that wont interfere with normal operations long enough to minimize it. My best suggestion.

It never goes entirely away, but you can drag it onto the overview so that you get a window with “Overview” and “Selected Item” TABS. Then you just never switch to the selected item tab. I did this and managed to forget the Selected Item window even EXISTED for a few years, until somebody mentioned that you can set default orbit/keep at range distances from there…

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Once upon a time, I moved it behind the overview and forgot about it, but this suggestion is even better.

Awesome, how did I not think of that? Thanks!

By the way, you can set default orbit/keep at range distances by rightclicking. I don’t even use the selected item tab for that.

Edit: Nevermind, you can only choose the ranges from a list of options. If you want to set your own specific distance, the select item window is indeed the way to do it.

You can also set default orbit/keep at range distance from the radial menu that comes up when you left click & hold around your ship, but it’s not fun. Selected item window Just Works Better for that.

Another great option I didn’t know about! Click and drag range selecting is nice to have.

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