Radial menu

how many of u actually use the radial menu as opposed to the command window above overview?
what are its advantages and disadvantages?


I don’t like the Radial Menu and prefer using either the ‘Selected Items’ box or right click options to issue commands.


I use it all the time, especially for warping in between bookmarks.

It’s a super effective time saver, especially because one can queue in the command before it’s actually possible to execute it.

so would u recommend completely transfering from the use of selected item window to the radial?
i see selected item box doesnt have some things radial menu does, is it also the other way around? anything that radial lacks compared to selected items?

selected items box for me.

radial menu i’m sure is nice, but i haven’t practiced using it in the slightest and with much of the pvp i do limited to sharp fast engagements i doubt it would go well enough at first for me to want to switch.

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I find myself using all three options all the time in equal measure. It is all very situational for me.


Depends on what I’m interacting with, but when I use it, it’s indispensable to me- sending individual drone actions, for example.

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You need to figure this out yourself, which is easy.

Be mindful about what you’re doing. The more you move your mouse cursor, and the further you move it, the more time you’re wasting basically doing nothing. Minimizing travel time is one of the biggest time/cost savers and increases efficiency dramatically.

It does not seem like a lot, but after a single session you’ve moved your mouse kilometers.


Radial Menu for almost everything it offers. Traveling? Radial Menu on the yellow gate to warp and jump, especially after undocking. Locking? single targets? CTRL click or radial menu. Navigation actions like Approach, Keep At Range? Radial menu on the overview and particularly often on the watch list. Move my fighters to the next rat or keep them moving? Radial menu. Show Info on something? Radial menu. Open the Edit Bookmark window? Radial menu on in space brackets if there are not too many (and here really, really want to see the Remove Bookmark option added).

Radial Menu is so much more convenient than right click or selected items in many cases.

I even try to use the fleet radial menu for broadcasting but I think that requires more practice because the additional hotkey to trigger it is somewhat inconvenient and the mouse click on the tiny icons in the fleet window is too ingrained in my muscle memory.

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I don’t use it as much as I could because I use shortcut keys frequently. The ‘selected item’ box I use when there’s no rush or to spam jump after being fleet warped (very situation dependent).

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I still use the menu like a scrub, but I know the radial menu is a hell of a lot more convenient.

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When flying an Interceptor attempting to stay alive/tackle I heavily rely on the radial menu to warp between bookmarks and objects on active grids.
In tidi a right click is usually more reliable and the “selected object box” makes commands much easier to spam. What I use is very situational.

The problem with “selected object box” is partly its buttons. Compared to the radial menu where you click and hold your mouse button once, then make a little move and then release the button it is less than clicking to select a thing, then move your mouse all the way over to the buttons in the object box and then click on the button.
But the main problem, in my opinion, is it’s positioning. If you leave it at its default position, your cursor is usually far away from it. The time you need to move all the way over there can be crucial in pvp encounters. It’s the one server-tick that might cost you the ship or let your prey escape.

This is one of the reasons why you see players focusing on pvp often have changed their UI quite drastically from the default one.

I find the radial menu or a right click combined with the tracking-camera option much more convenient when moving around. Especially warping in at different ranges and objects in space or crashing gates.

Also a great benefit of the radial menu compared to the selected object box is that you can use it from the overview-list, your drone-window, your watchlist (makes re-anchoring super easy) and markers in space, be it gates, wrecks, bookmarks or fleet members.

You can also customize the time it takes to show up in the settings.

Thinking about it, I probably would have a hard time playing without it.

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I never use the radial menu


I use it frequently. Very situational, though.

The only thing I use the radial menu for is for unlocking a target, as the default shortcut of pressing shift and control at the same time is ab bit too cumbersome. Also, I’ve moved the radial menu to the middle mouse button with no delay. I think it works best this way

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Use hotkeys and click on overview

I disabled the radial menu by setting it to some weird key. I tried it when they added it but find it annoying and distracting.

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I use the radial menu all the time now after finally giving it a try. Mostly Jump, Warp to 0, Approach.

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