Customisable action bar

It would be useful to have a customisable “action bar” like the Neocom except for actions on the ship/drones and overview.

The radial menu is not usable when zoomed out in space, also precision clicking is not really easy when in a hurry. Right clicking items on the overview to access hidden actions are a pain on high resolution and a tiny font.

My proposed solution is to have an action bar on the right side like the Neocom except for available actions (like the overview warp and view buttons, except also including drone actions and selected overview item actions).

It would make it easier to access functionality and actions than it currently is.

You can use the radial menu from the overview?

You can use the radial menu from the overview?

Not even Firefox uses radial menus, it’s out of date and a terrible UX, especially in a busy active game such as Eve.

Keybinds, rightclick menu, selected object window, radial menu, there are lots of different options.

This is a suggestion for improvement, not a question about how to do things.

If you like radial menus and keybinds so much, why have the Neocom bar, because an acton bar works, even Office and Windows went that way to elevate and make actions accessible. Just as there is the overview button bar on top, expand on that and improve it.

Also having it placable on the side bar like the Neocom, clears up more screen space from clutter, Eve has a terrible UI and never enough space because of windows open. It will flatten up the UI depth to make it accesible and also make more space (pun intended) available. There are options hidden away in sub menus that some people don’t realise exist, it will bring them more visible.

It will also make it more web friendly for Eve Anywhere and devices.

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