Drone UI Changes

Hello devs and New Eden fellas,

I’ve been a drone user from the first time I played EVE, back in 2015.
I’ve been doing exploration at the same time, and I love how exploration have changed from time to time, and the attention given, such as the reworks of the solar map and easier probe scanning, etc.
What I haven’t seen is some quality-of-life change for drones operation (UI)

Living in a town far from my country Capital means I don’t have the best internet connection. Ping is 100~ ms. Having to select which enemies which drone will shot is a bit of hassle due to ping. But that doesn’t stop me from playing EVE.

What I want to propose is some changes to how drone operates. Instead of having to click the locked enemy then click which drone, then again click what action it will do, can we get a button on the Drone UI instead?
So, on each launched drone, there are action buttons such as: attack, return to orbit, return to drone bay.
This will be time saving and a very helpful addition to drones user.
And also addition (and if that isn’t viable), i hope there will be shortcuts to drone command, for each of the command, like pressing “1” button to command the first drone of the launched drones to attack, or return to orbit, or return to drone bay, up to 5 of the drones available.

I hope this features ideas will be added soon, thanks for reading!

You can bind all those commands to hotkeys

You can do this with the radial menu for each drone.

  1. Select the enemy
  2. Click and hold on the drone in the Drone Window
  3. Select you action from the radial menu

When you do this in combination with the “Next Target/Previous Target” hotkeys, your mouse never needs to move from the Drone Window until you need to lock new targets.

I understand what you are asking for, but there are so many commands for each drone, that would make the Drone Window quite a bit larger to accommodate all of them. I think the radial menu is a good compromise here.

Yeah, but it works on all of the drones.
I mean a button or shortcut for each of the drones.
Because for example when I want to focus clearing NPC with my sentries, it would be a waste of firepower to for all of the drones to hit one target, instead of spreading it to all the enemies locked.

Drones are already user friendly you can let them kill stuff and go afk you won’t gain much by shooting a different npc with a individual drone

Thanks for the solution, but clearly that doesn’t solve the problem of selecting each drone personally, as you have to choose again which drone to perform the action.
I believe with this features added, it will be even more easier for players and especially new players to have a good control over what’s going on with the drones.

Not all players love to just go afk and let the drones target whatever they like. As I mentioned before, for efficiency sake, this will help players that want to control what to damages for faster site clearing, etc.

I don’t understand what you are saying here- I select my locked target with hotkeys, then I select which drone engages. Use the hotkey to select the next target, and engage with the next drone. I don’t know what you mean by “selecting each drone personally”.

Take a look at this video to see what I’m describing:

I use this for all manner of drones (sentry, scout, mining) and this seems to do exactly what you are asking for. I might be misunderstanding what you are describing- having a button for each action on each drone- which is what the radial menu is designed to provide, but I can safely say that adding an individual button for each action that a given drone can perform won’t happen due to the UI clutter (see the uproar at the increased PI window).

Then again with shortcuts which are consensus whether you want to use or not, as long as it’s available would be very helpful for people for me who like to be in control of each drones.
As for UI, I believe it can be optional, like if you want it available, it should be included in setting menu, so to avoid the UI cluttering you mentioned.
I rarely used radial menu.

Anyway, thanks for the video tutorial, will be doing that for the moment.

I think the drone UI is lacking and I’m not a huge fan of the radial menu either so I think there is definitely room for a UI improvement.

If they have time for PI UI improvements then they should have time for combat related improvements. Only we don’t want the same designer as the one that did the PI UI :blush:

Get in a gun/missile ship ans split your guns/launcher. Not everything need top be optimal to do everything. Especially drones since they already have a few upsides.

I think you are missing the point of this subtopic. This subtopic is meant for improvements, if they can afford an improvements then why not?
And also for me who specializes on drones, would be very much helped with this addition.

Vast majority of players are fine as it is so a feature for you?Nah

I can’t come across any evidence of you representing the majority of players.
Have you done any survey to strengthen your statement?
And I am sure this feature will be appreciated by many players who are drone users.

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