Fix drone context menu

when i am in space i want to launch drones. not view market, buy itme, compare, ,
the launch line item only launches 1 drone.
yes i am aware that there are other ways to launch a group of drones. but this context menu makes no sense when your are in space
also, why why why when you change the UI do you move things that do not need to be moved and thwart years of muscle memory. example, the loot all button. is it someehow better on the right than the left? please consider player training and habit when making seemingly minor changes.


Just remove any non-combat options of that menue. Its a combat-window, the interface should be slim and useful.


You can still launch all drones. At the very far right of your drone group columns, there a little tinnie winnie icon that launches the entire group. ( i know, your point is why change that )

CCP have always slightly mucked with the ui like that…im not sure why either but theyve done it for years. It is what it is i guess. :slight_smile:

I don’t understand the issue. You can grab a drone group and drag it into space just fine, you can rightclick the drone group and launch drones, you can use a keybind with preferred group.

Last night, right clicking the group to choose “launch drones” was not there. The only option i saw was “launch 1 drone.” It took me just a few attempts to finally locate that tiny icon.

It doesnt matter to me either way. I situationally launch drones in random amounts anyway depending on whats going on. Call me weird. :slight_smile:

I SAYS it launches “drone” but it launches all 5, been using it all day.

Yea, it was only launching 1 drone for me. This small glitch, if one, could possibly be on my end.

Like i said, its no biggie. I can adapt. :slight_smile:

This issue should be resolved in today’s patch :+1:


Sorry The Launch Drones is fixed but for some strange reason the launch drones menu (Which was always at the top of the menu is now near the bottom), All i do when i try to launch drones is open the stupid market. Why do CCP Screw up so much stuff ???

i thought i was clear in my statement that there are ways to launch all drones. the issue is, these UI changes that give us context menus that are not useful is just sloppy and doesnt consider how players have used muscle memory over the years to do things.
if anything, the launch drones icon should be at the left next to the folder, not on the far right where nothing having to do with launching drones was ever before.
Its clear that they dont play the game and therfore do not have regular ways of doing things so lifebuttons and menu options are just not well though out.
for me personally, it is a bigger issue because i am blind. so i depend heavily on things being where i am used to them being. i get it, things need to change, but moving activation functions to locations that do not enhance their function (exmaple loot all button) is just annoying and inconsiderate.
If i were doing this work (and i used to in an earlier life) i always ask, does this enhance the function.,
in the case of the drone menu, the launch button should be next to the group folder if not the group folder itself. just my opinion

The rightclick menu on a drone group or drone itself from within the drone window is indeed a bit terrible, in that it shows all kinds of non-combat relation options and not only that it shows them up top as well which is incredibly horrible.

Personally I never use that method so it doesn’t really irk me much but it is indeed dumb.

I Know that there are other ways to launch drones, But like you i rely on muscle memory, especially during fights. This change is unthought out and seems to be bloody minded , by people as you say (Dont play the game) , CCP you want to keep players then stop screwing up stuff we have got used to over the last 20 years. because atm im regretting i resubbed.

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