CCP, add "Launch Drones" again, thank you

When Drones are grouped in a drone folder, you can’t launch them together, but 1 at a time? That alone is already a half-baked change… I mean, duh?
Now, with this garbage photon UI, it is easy to drag the drone window instead of drag drones out into space, so that is also crap and no, I don’t want to point mouse on a line, then move right to click a tiny ass launch drones button, I just want to right click and launch all drones, like it was possible to do since late 2003.

Thanks for adding that back in the next hotfix.


Actually, i think the little icon is easier than right clicking the group…but that doesnt explain why ccp continues to change things that really dont need changing.


You can drag the folder into space and they will all launch together i believe.

Yea, No one asked for this. Revert it back please. Bout lost my ship as only 1 drone launched.

Change it back, and stop changing things Nobody wants changed.


Probably because they need to do something to validate them having that job… In other words, they’re changing stuff just for the sake of change, probably need to look busy so they just quickly change whatever is easiest to do.

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No…there is a hidden icon that appears if you hold cursor over top line of drones window, and that icon appears and allows you to launch all drones. The same icon appears against each individual group of drones…alowing you to launch just that group.

This is actually less clicks than the previous clunky method of right clicking and selecting from a menu. The new method is a single click.

But…CCP committed the folly of having the new icons hidden unless you hover the mouse over the line they are on. So, not surprisingly, a lot of people had no idea the new icons even existed. And CCP capped off the folly by making no mention of the new changes in the patch notes.


Its a shame eve was awesome, until they hired people that had no idea what eve was and is.
I mean there are caveats, Like Bjorn Bee. Why the hell dont they listen to him he would pick up this sort of idiotic move in a second. ? .
Also the CSM would have told them its a bad move, if they knew the patch was coming, But CCP is like blue origin, Like to keep there info close to there chest, until it fails in a spectacular fashion. And makes them look like amateurs at best.
I Do think this is not the programers fault, and Certanly not the Art department, ( They have kept the game going for years, With there great programming, and effects , Just awesome, Well done guys.) Its down to who ever is in Directive control, that is killing the game.


Thank you CCP Great Move, The Drones are now at the top again, makes like so much easier.

As already said, Use the hidden icon, its actually far easier that it was before Photon UI, one click to launch a group.

Your commands for Drone recall and Drone attack target should be easily accessed hotkeys, I use Alt + x for drones attack, and Alt + c for recall all drones to drone bay.

Looks like this got fixed :slight_smile:

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