Added feature to drone bay

would it be possible to have the drones stay where they are in the bay I.e 3 types drones
they appear in a column not mixed up so I can just highlight all lights for example?
at the moment they just all mix up.
I know its not much but when you using diff types itl be easier as I use an open window.
just a thought, hope u get my drift

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Have you even bothered to try right-clicking in the window and selecting “sort by type”?

Not being funny but damn…


You can already group drones, control them, and launch them as a group. While in space, highlight the drones you want to group, and right click, create group. I create groups named after the drones, ie. Hobgoblins, Acolytes, Warriors, etc. that way I can right click their heading, and launch group.

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I actually didnt know this and have always wanted drone folders, fighters, salvagers, wear ect that I could fill and habe drones return to in bay. If they stack like you say that’s good enough…but folders would be preferable


just make groups … thats easy and usefull … you make a folder and throw in anything you want in any mix you want …

and btw. … right section:


You can create drone folders. Simply right click on the drone -> Move Drone -> New Group. Then name the group whatever you want “Mining” “Combat” or whatever, and the drone will be placed in that folder.