Drone groups - enabling mixed grouping

When using mining drones in combination with a goblin (for lazy protection) I happened to stumble over some old restrictions:

As you can see the game does not allow me to move 2 different types of drones into 1 group.
I wanted to create a group of 4 miners and 1 goblin. It did not let me do so.

However, you can start any mix of drones.

… and you can use them as intended.
Using the ‘attack’ prompt on an asteroid the 4 miners rush away while the goblin remains near my barge, guarding it from NPC threats.

You can:

  • launch mixed groups
  • use the mixed groups
  • they operate to the best of their ability in mixed groups (mine, shoot, heal, damp, etc)

You can’t:

  • create mixed groups

Since this is the case since day 1 of Eve, this might was done this way because of limitations at the time (or other design reasoning), and until today no one bothered to look into it.

I think this should get another round of consideration, allowing every player to group and mix however he thinks it works best, making handling of drones of all sorts easier. This will help basically any kind of player ranging from miners, PvE, to PvP, as well as starters that simply use what they found…

PvP players will most likely be the ones gaining the most but it is more a quality of life than a direct increase of their output. (they still can make 2,2,3,3 drone groups and start those in pairs mind you).

I imagine everyone likes having fewer restrictions in Eve and the way its played, including something as simple as drone grouping :slight_smile:

fs o7


I am constantly lectured by eve vets to HTFU about clickfest. I won’t :slight_smile:

I don’t think it is by design but rather some legacy code inherited from more frugal and barbaric dev era :confused: And it became a taboo to ask for less clicks. OP prepare for ■■■■ storm :confused:

Btw, taboos are born from ignorance…


I just came onto the forum to post about exactly this.

I am currently flying a Myrm Navy Issue. I currently hold 15 drones total, 2 waves , 5 each, with backup drones on standby.

I am trying to use the unique bonus that it gets with stasis drones.

Upon creating my drone groups I can not add stasis drones with my combat drones to make a complete group. as such you cant simplify the amount of drone groups and increases chance of wrong clicks while under combat conditions.

You should be able to mix drone types, especially when CCP is trying to add these new drone bonuses, but can’t incorporate them into the groups?

Pretty basic yet a major UI issue.


You do realize that drones are slaves , right?

To make it realistic , drones should randomly rebel, kill, pod and loot the miner.

You mean amarian drones piloted by amarian slaves who fell for Freedom Through Service scam?

+1 to this feature request.

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