Drone Window Grouping

Could we have an “auto group by type” mode in the drone window?

This would save a lot of time on ships with a large drone bay where we normally manage a full set of a particular type at a time.


That is a really good idea! I guess most players do exactly that with folders anyway. And whoever wants mixed flights could still do it.

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I’m a bit confused, wouldn’t you just make a “sentry,” “heavies,” “mediums,” “lights,” and “miscellaneous” and then assign the drone to the relevant group? It is going to remember your group until your ship gets destroyed. Plus mixed groups is nice on things with a bandwidth of 75 since few people are going to have 3 heavies out instead of a mixed flight against crusiers.

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Not exactly, you may have multiple types of sentries, heavies, mediums, etc.
If they just sorted themselves into Warden II, Bouncer II, etc then I wouldn’t need a list of drone groups a mile long.


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