Default drone groups

can we have dafault drone groups. i mean just the drone name, not the version eg. T1, T2
every new play have to create a ton of drone groups and when you miss spell your doomed

or at least a management tool where you could import a text list of groups.

this would be a quality of life update.

How is that?

I think he meant: “misspell you’re domed”…
Definitely Domed. Possibly Totally Geodesic’d.
(sorry - that was just too tempting)

Yeah, it’s a somewhat clumsy interface, and there are “auto completes” that do remember everything including misspellings in quite a few places in Eve and it annoys my nice and tidy sensibilities. A single option to “reset all remember previous entries” would be nice. But I’m not going to the grave over it.

The problem under this is “that’s not the grouping I’d want” - I used: Light, Medium, Salvage, Mining, E-war and so forth as my groups for drones. And other people will have other - equally valid - choices.

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What Terak said.

However, I could have sworn that I heard somewhere that we were getting a way to delete misspelled autocompletes. But I can’t remember where. I’m pretty sure it was in the past year or so though.
No P2W

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