Why we can't get a better drone group tool and increase logi drone ussage?

Hello, dear developer team and EVE community!
Once upon a time, I want to make a group of 1 support drone (Berserker SW-900) and 4 war drones (Ogre) cos I have feeling that its a good setup, so I can send the whole group in space by pressing 1 hotkey…
…but the game doesn’t allow me to do that. I don’t see any reason why players can’t get that life improvement feature to make drone groups as they wish. Maybe someone (esp. in CCP team) have the same vision?
I have another (crazier) idea - allow Maintenance bots (shield repair/armor repair/hull repair) to auto repair botowner or other bots (like salvage bot auto target wreks), maybe when you fly solo!
Thank you!

It’s not, it’s bad and you should feel bad.

Don’t use SWs at all. They’re terrible. The only support drone that’s worth anything is the EC300, and those are pretty meh too. A hail mary to save you from otherwise certain doom.

Adding local reps to virtually every ship with no fitting cost would murder balance.

-200 avg DPS for 5 light repair drones will ruin balance? oh, common be serious - it won’t affect any PvP fight - just a little assist for some PvE players.

Reps are always stronger than DPS. That’s why a pair of logi can out-rep a gang’s dps all by themselves. Adding free local reps to any boat with a drone bay is a very easy choice.

PvE players don’t need the assistance. They’re able to fit a laughably easy active tank against known damage types and just ignore the rat damage. Or sig tank it so you don’t have to worry at all.

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