Drone mechanics improvement?

As other players, I do like Eve Online, and from the start of the game I’ve always loved to play with drones. It’s really nice that there is some ships with a bonuses to them, but also there is not so much options for drones, and this is a bit depressing.
Right now you only can do two things with them, attack or call back to drone bay, and that’s all you can do with them.
It’s quite simple to handle them, that’s true, so the new players can use them easily, but when you get used to game, it’s becomes boring. At least some new mechanics would be great!
For example, there is an option Focus Fire for drones, but it didn’t change combat behavior. If you tell drones to attack one target, they will attack all enemy like this until battle ends, but if you manually tell them to attack different target that’s what they’ll do till battle ends, no matter Focus Fire on/off.
Why don’t you add some patterns for drones behavior? Strict Focus Fire, Split attack (one drone on one target), or manually make a group of launched drones who will attack one type of enemy. For example you launch 5 drones, 2 of them will only attack Frigates and Destroyers, 3 other will attack cruisers and battle cruisers only, etc. Also some additional interface would be nice, like a new window with action buttons to control drones in space!
I have a lot of ideas, but I don’t actually know if you’ll even read this post, so I do look forward for any replies about it, so I can make some examples to show you them, and you can tell me and everyone is it possible or not.

I hope this post can get some attention, and this theme can grow to make some changes to Eve.

While in theory it sounds like a neat idea, it would only encourage more AFK gameplay and botting…

I like the way combat drones work as is, for the most part, but setting a range limit, or a target type order of preference would be cool. I wouldn’t mind seeing changes to salvage drones, too. Make them all choose different targets automatically, instead of always choosing the nearest one…that sort of thing. Basically, If salvage engaged by drone=true, then engage next nearest salvage…to put it in remedial terms.

It is very frustrating to have sentry drones shoot at a battleship over 80km and completely ignore the small frigates that rush to you at 0. The sentries seem to shoot at largest first by default, it would be nice after the repeated and asinine nerfs to drones over the years that there is some positive changes in how the remaining DPS can be customised.

For those of us who don’t live in the NA/EU, drones are one of the few sources of DPS that don’t get hurt by lag. Seriously, its all well and good to have a 1000+ DPS vindicator, but if you live in the wrong part of the planet through no fault of your own, having to wait half a cycle after a target dies to fire again due to lag severely limits the effective DPS that can be got from any vessel.

So, change drone mechanics for the entire player base to suit the needs of the 7 people that play EVE in Lithuania and Botswana?

Sorry to disappoint you, sadly none of those answers are correct. Would you like another guess?

No, that’s what I’m talking about, is to generally change drone controls, to make them more like fighters, to make more active gameplay, not the afk mode.

In any community, there is always a huge problem, that you can’t directly contact developer to share ideas.
Also I can understand, that listening to every idea from every player is a huge work which need a lot of time. My point is, if I have some ideas, to improve the game, but I can’t directly contact developer, than I only can ask about it on forum. I don’t like afk gameplay in eve, and I absolutely DON’T want drones to become more and more lazy way to play! I’ll ask you guys, same players as me, do you want to see at least some some examples of what I want to change, or not? Because it’s to difficult to understand any ideas without examples. I’m not a pro or anything, but at least I can try.
I’m waiting for your opinion.

Supercarriers use fighters, and there are tons of supercarrier bots. This would be no different. Your idea would simply add Orcas, Vexors, Ishtars, and other subcap drone ships to the list of bots in high sec…

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