Drone controls

Good afternoon. Using drones, I came to the conclusion that there are not enough controls. Perhaps you will like my idea and someday you will implement it in full or in part. There are similar controls in many games and it seems to me that their presence in EVE would greatly simplify the life of both PVE and PVP pilots. For example, adding some modes of behavior for drones, for example, a passive mode with an assist, so that the drones do not attack anyone they want, but only help the pilot, i.e. shot only at the target that the player is attacking, it would be very important for stationary drones. It would also be possible to add buttons to control them in battle, for those who do not use hot keys, for example, there are small buttons next to each drone, clicking on one of which could give an order to a specific drone, for example, to return and go into orbit, or return to the drone bay, merge the drones into a group and give the order to the group immediately. Perhaps you add your own vision.

afik all of it is already in game. For orders for specific drones you haver r-click and radial menu in drone bay window. “drone assist” for rest. Just need to tell which targets to attack.

Being able to drag individual drones or a drone group to the ship slot UI would be nice. F1 fire guns, F2 drones attack. Buttons on drone group headers fur launch that can be dragged similarly. And a button fur recall at the top of the the drone window too. (Or other functions)

F1 guns
F2 drones attack
F3 launch group b
F4 recall drones to bay
F5 recall drones to orbit

you can already set hotkeys to each of those

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Are they on the ship slot UI so I can click them and quickly reassign them too?

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