Clearing old search phrases etc

Hello fellow Eve players,

I’m not a new player anymore, but one question I’ve had for a long time that I haven’t been able to determine an answer to is how to clean out old search phrases, names or drone groups and a wealth of other things I have typed into various fields in the game that always come up as shortcuts when I’m typing.

It’s convenient to have some of them come back up, but it gets irritating also when after having played for a long while there is a voluminous number of them.

I have already tried the cache clearing function located under the in game esc menu/reset to default.

Thanks in advance for suggestions.

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Creating a new profile will do it but it will likely forget stuff you want to remember. In the launcher, choose client settings from the drop down menu


and create a new profile. This doesn’t destroy the old one - you can choose which to use.

It’s possible this stuff is saved in a file somewhere and can be cleared with less drastic measures but I don’t know how.

Thought someone would say something like that.

The only I’ve been able to do this before was to do complete reinstallation which sacrifices all the settings and stuff too.

I will give this a try too, and thank you Do Little.

That works, but as suspected it loses all the settings.

HEY CCP! Can you offer some help or at least add this to your list of things to update in future.

Just some easy way to clean out all these all old searches and such that doesn’t also remove all our settings.

Thank you,

for search phrases you can right click in the search box and delete them there. I’ve misspelled a lot of things over the years so it comes in handy.


Regarding the drone groups, you can remove them by:

hovering over the ‘Drones in Space’ window,
Right click > remove/delete group

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