Eve-search for the new forums?

If i wanted to see past, original text of someones post, is there an eve-search version for the current iteration of the forums?

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I don’t think there’s an actual Eve-Search app for the current Eve Online forums.

I’m thinking the only way to see that is to do a Google Search for a specific character.

Reason im asking is because there are a bunch of forum threads that i am really curious about.




I am really curious about what was said in the original posts. Curiosity made the cat insane, and so am I, with curiosity.

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Yeah, unfortunately the posting history doesn’t include edits done to original posts.

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Would be nice to be able to access past un-edited content, i agree. I suppose i will just have to use my imagination.


I don’t think those threads are worth the time, I believe they were posted simply to troll.

Nope sorry, no EVE-Search for the “new” forums. It became too much of a hassle getting the data from this fancy one to index it properly. So I’d say the only luck now would be a search engine cache or archive.org but that would also just be pure luck if they indexed it at the time before an edit.


Someone was being psychotic. Nothing actually interesting.

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