Is there a reliable way to search for stuff from the pre-2017 forum?

After trying with this forum, I need to look for a certain keyword posted by one of my characters in the older forums, and I wonder, is there a reliable way to do it? Do the old forums still be archived and do they still have a specific search function so I can avoid Google’s shenanigans?

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Archived yes. Specific search function… not that I’m aware of.
Though, I’ve found your 2018 post:

Google shenanigans…

Doh, I’ve been looking for it for long, don’t I? Or maybe I was looking for something else… guess I still could try asking out the specific information I need rather than follow the breadcrumbs to it. :thinking:

I guess that when people in the past imagined some kind of “universal information repository anyone could access anytime from anywhere” couldn’t figure the kind of information overload that would come along with it…

That maybe?

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