The subreddit is unfortunately better than this forum

(Kenneth Endashi) #1

It shouldn’t be like that. More usable. More consistent. More intuitive. What the heck? The old forums were fine. You know where you were and what you were dealing with.

I noticed that the old old forums, the forums before the previous board, are now gone. oldforums.eveonline has been overwritten by the latest iteration of forums to become old, thereby erasing a mountain of discussion, lore and forum history. Many Google links are now broken because they are now dead links. You get an old forums 404 and not what you should see, if there was such a thing as

This was an especially reckless move considering the playerbase - composed mostly of people who really care about this shared experience - suffers most with the loss of that mountain of historical record of gaming lore.

Thumbs down!

(Lulu Lunette) #2

That’s how I felt when they killed Evelopedia. Oh well.

(CCP Avalon) #3

Allow me to correct you there.

The 2003 forums were not touched or altered during the archiving process of the 2011 forums.

(Fadeling) #4

I am online here because i am selling this charactr. Sub reddit is now the place to go.

(Lady Ayeipsia) #5

Or maybe you guys just don’t like change. The subredit hasn’t changed, this one has so you are upset.

Get use to the new forum. It really isn’t that bad.

(Fadeling) #6

Basically you need check all the data at the time. As example i am in work now, need use this character to see if someone bought her, anid if i enter in my main pilot to check i will be overflooded for the mesasages in other forums, and in house all will be look as read.

(Matthias Ancaladron) #7

Aversion to change =/= Aversion to regression.

(Sabriz Adoudel) #8

The subreddit is horribly toxic. I use Reddit a lot, but there is no way I would risk identifying my EVE characters there. Someone I’d ripped off in game would probably end up doxxing me unless I made a throwaway.

As much as these forums are worse than the previous ones, they are miles better than the sub reddit is.

Meme shitposts are kept within limits here.

I did give the new forum the benefit of the doubt early on, but the navigation within long posts is bad on computer and worse on mobile. Being unable to read the early posts in a thread is a massive regression and renders the forums essentially worthless.

(Fadeling) #9

My solution : create new chars to interact in reddit.

I s better solution for information than stay here.

(system) #10

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