Is There A Faster Forum?

This is something that bugs me every time I lurk the Eve forums. They move so slowly. I’m accidentally necroing threads because they’re at the bottom of page 1 or the start of page 2. Before the forums were reworked threads moved faster, in no small part due to how bad the site is for mobile.

But Reddit is a bad place for genuine discussion. Any subreddit that gains traction becomes short meme posts or lolsec propaganda. Admittedly I’m okay with these in moderation but the nature of upvoting systems tends to curate these posts while suppressing longer posts and discussions. I love me a good shitpost, but I also like reading discussions on meta/ships, etc. Official Eve forums has the same discussions persisting for months at a time, and they’re not interesting even.

Are there any high traffic forums for Eve where people actually talk about things? I miss the old forums.

I left a similar post to yours recently. Feel free to find it. Basically, it seems the forum is a shadow of its former self. Seems to be related to the move to the new forum format/software.

I found it. Thanks. Reading it now.


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reads post
reads poster’s name
looks back at original post
Yep. It fits.

Not sure if I’m missing a pun here :thinking:
I’m not reading Reddit, nor am I registered there, but it does answer your question, doesn’t it?

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Eh, it was a cheeky insult. I already mentioned in OP why reddit wasn’t a good option. Anyways the point was that you offerred a solution while being less informed than others for not reading. It’s a stretch, but the post was kind of Dunning Kruger Effect in action.

Don’t read too much into it. I skim posts all the time and do the same thing. Not meant to be an insult against you personally. It was just a funny coincidence.

:smiley:, point taken. I did read your post, but didn’t pay that much attention. Guess I’ve read over the Reddit part without actually noticing it.

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It’s all good. Tbh this thread is a gold mine of irony(not technically but meh). In my case the false belief of superior comedic ability. :grin:

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