Drop the old forums?

(William Ormono) #1

I’m old and cranky, so it goes without saying that lots of things annoy me.

One of those things relates to how both the old and new forums are currently active. With people posting in both places, the conversations get diluted.

I’m sure there’s a reason, but I can’t figure out why the old forums have been kept up and running. Anyone know when they plan on shutting those down? As far as I’m concerned, the sooner the better.

And I’m sure they would have done the following if it was easy (or put alternatively, I’m sure the following is more trouble than it’s worth), but wouldn’t it be neat if they could have migrated all the old forum threads (or at least the more recent threads) into the new forum? Searching for old posts is going to be a pain in the A.

Also, why not migrate character information (for instance, the number of likes received on the old forums - or even better, a character’s posting history) into the new forums. I spend a lot of time in the Market Discussion forums. Information like a players posting history can go a long way in avoiding getting scammed. The “clean slate” offered here in the new forums will likely be appreciated by the scammers though!

And now for a totally unrelated image (because I can)

(CCP Falcon) #2

They’re closing down on July 20th, as stated in the blog that introduced these forums :slight_smile:

We didn’t migrate information because we’re not going to delete the old forums, we’re going to archive them so that they’re still viewable.

(William Ormono) #3

I’ll probably feel stupid for asking once I’ve been given the answer, but where can said blog be found? There seems to be more than a few places I could look, so I’d appreciate someone saving me the time.

*edit - nevermind, found it here:


(Bvlgari Tarkov) #4

All in keeping with an important, yet challenging, task of preserving EVE’s “history”, so-to-speak. I like it.

(Morrigan Laima) #5

Since one of the primary reasons behind retaining the old forums for a time is the corp forums, I suggest gradually setting sections of the old forums r/o to get everyone in one place more rapidly.