Wide lockdown of old forum

Well if you want full testing of this forum Metas style. When do do have plan a wode lock domw so people only use this forum?

It’s supposed to be locked down soon. Archived.

Ok hope soon because some people are still posting in the other side.

it’s dead to me

yes for me to but you know theres always people that refuse change.

In the dev blog it says the 20th of July the old forums would be officially closed down and archived.

See: https://community.eveonline.com/news/dev-blogs/introducing-the-new-eve-online-forums/

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We need to make a petition to keep the current forums open so people aren’t forced to use this new crappy one or go to Reddit.


That’s because it’s the preferred forum and no one likes this one.


why crappy for likes or UX?

I like this one. I dont like when we asume that everyone have the same point of view like in this case “no one like”.


Says the person telling people just minutes earlier that there are people who refuse change. You are funny. By the way, as Erika had to point out to you, there are also people who refuse to read up on things and inform themselves. Those are worse than the people liking the other forum better. :wink:

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I actually like the layout and accessibility of the old forum much more than this one, not to mention all the giffs and crap everyone keeps posting in threads here makes threads in this forum much longer to read.

Unfortunately it doesn’t matter what I or anyone else thinks, in the end CCP will do whatever they wanna do.



I was saying people not me, and i did not say everyone refuse change.

I’ve seen a lot more positive response to the new forums personally. There are still tweaks to be made but overall it really is more modern and fluid. Not to mention it’s also ‘very’ mobile friendly! It’s getting with the times!

I really like the new forums! :slight_smile:

Everyone is posting on the other side because people look for forums.eveonline not meta.eveonline if CCP wasn’t pants on head retarded and made things a bit more intuitive it wouldn’t be an issue.

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That wide they need a whola wide shot down or lock and redirect here.

I just want to quote that for posterity.

I’m not a hundred percent on these forums. I’d much rather they just made the old ones readable on a phone. And, as I’ve posted a few times, this is what happens if you browse these forums without a WiFi link:


That’s simply what you have to put up with these days. I personally have a 200MB limit on my mobile contract. If the data sucking is really this bad, this forum alone will eradicate my entire month’s worth of full speed internet in a couple of sessions. Great outlook, but at least it’s modern and fluid (which is a joke as it’s a lot laggier and stuttering than the old forum because of this useless infinity scroll).

You have small avatars to compensate for gigantic gifs. :guardparrot:

I dont get a lot of lag personally. I’ve also used the forums on my mobile data and it’s not that heavy for me; I also only have 500mb a month and I’m still shy over 400mb (and alot of that usage is from also running a bit more stuff where I forgot to disable the mobile data).

That said however, I don’t think it would be a bad idea to have an option to disable any auto play on all media (including the animated emotes), or an option to hide media all together to conserve data. Yes?

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