What's happening to the Old Oldforums?

(Zetakya) #1

I’m HR Director for my Corp.

I still use the pre-2011 Oldforums to track character sales and transfers.

Will the pre-2011 Oldforums be preserved and accessible for HR checking purposes?

(CCP Falcon) #2

This is still to be decided, but we’ll try to continue to make them available I would imagine.

(Zetakya) #3

I’d strongly urge that at least the character sales should be preserved. It will cause major security headaches if they aren’t accessible.

(Caleb Ayrania) #4

Out of curiousity… Is it not possible to import them all in the new forums db? As “old and locked” or something like that, so we dont have to remake everything from scratch?

(CCP Falcon) #5

We could probably do so, but then we’d end up with thousands of broken links, and an even bigger headache :slight_smile:

(Slazanger) #6

Will they just be made read-only then ? surely it wouldnt be that bad to import them all and patch any internal links

(CCP Falcon) #7

they’ll be read only and located on a different URL

(Raphendyr Nardieu) #8

one word mod_rewrite

(Kolmogorow) #9

I really hope as well that the “Old Oldforums” will be preserved in some form. I’m browsing them a lot especially in the old Fiction section. The content there doesn’t get old and still contains a huge amount of information and discussion you can’t find anywhere else. The discussions about the chronicles that have been released over the years are very useful (and often helpful to even understand the stories and their context after the long time) and threads like this or that are simply gems I wouldn’t want to lose.

The internal links on the old Oldforums are all broken anyway right now, even though you can edit the urls manually to navigate to the correct page (because the urls still contain the thread/post ID). This could be fixed at the same time when the databases get merged.

If you, CCP, don’t have the time or capacities to merge the “Old Old” and “Old” forums please ask the community for support before old content goes the brutal path of the EVElopedia again. I’m sure there are professional and hobby programmers out there who are willing to spend a bit time on that - at least I am.

(Also: First post on new forums! Seems to work…:smile:)

(CCP Falcon) #10

They’ll stay archived :slight_smile:

(Lunarisse Aspenstar) #11

I hope so! there is also a lot of old lore content on the original igs and fiction.