Old Database

Will you import the old database to this one?

No plans to do so, we’ll instead be archiving the old forums as we did the old old forums.

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Where will the old old forums be further archived at?

Still to be decided (we’ve thrown around various names and haven’t settled on one. reallyoldforums.eveonline.com is my favourite so far, which we would have to move to seriouslyoldforums.eveonline.com the next time this comes around again).

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They are MYTHIC Forums, from Ye olden days, when Titans were special, and mining was done in Battleships.

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No no no, the hipster prefix is reserved for IRC.

shame shame

Some of us are still trying to recover from the 9th September 2011 :wink:

Old Old Forums: oldforums.eveonline.com
New Old Forums: oldforums2.eveonline.com (or whatever)

That way external links refering to either the old old forums or the new old forums won’t be completely broken, only the ones to the new old forums.

And personally I’d even prefer oldforums, forums, meta - like it is now (or perhaps rename meta into newforums). No broken external links then. Every blogger, community site and whatever will be thankful.