Redirections to old and very old forums

Links to old forums get redirected to the correct resource on forums-archive, for example: is redirected to

…which is very nice!

However, links to the very old forums seem to get redirected as well, but not to the correct resource, for example: is redirected to (at least in MS Edge, in Chrome I get a “ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS” error). That communityclassic doesn’t seem to exist. Shouldn’t it be redirected to which is the correct resource?

It would be great if all those redirections would work correctly. Hundreds of links in the Internet pointing to either the old or very old forums would suddenly all lead to the right resources again!

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I agree, there’s a lot of good stuff in both the Archived Forums and the Old Archived Forums that should be easily accessed when needed.

Maybe CCP could add a couple of links to them in this new forum, they could be placed on the left side of the ‘Dev Posts’ link in the header up top.


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Thanks for pointing out this issue, I have updated the redirect rule for to go directly to and issued cache invalidation as well. It may take a few minutes for it to complete cycling through the machines but other thread IDs should be operational by now.


The suggestion I posted in my original reply to this thread would make it easy for players to access those old forums.