URLs for new and old forums?

What will be the URLs for the new forums (currently: meta.eveonline.com), the old forums (currently: forums.eveonline.com) and the very old forums (currently: oldforums.eveonline.com) after switching the old forums to readonly mode on August, 3rd?

Old forums (currently https://forums.eveonline.com) move to https://forums-archive.eveonline.com
These forums (currently https://meta.eveonline.com) move to https://forums.eveonline.com

No change:


What is TBA?

Could you not just move the new forum: meta.eveonline.com to forums.eveonline.com
and then move the old forum: forums.eveonline.com to meta.eveonline.com?

That would be so meta. :rofl:

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Thanks for the quick reply! Will “TBA” be defined this evening? I’d appreciate it because I want to adjust a few links on the old forums (pointing from old forums to old forums) to prevent that they will be broken tomorrow and forever when we can’t modify old posts anymore.

Updated my post, the new domain should already be active.


Is it just me or is the old forum offline atm?

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