Drone management change

Maybe I don’t fully understand how drones and drone goups work. If I do understand it correctly then this might be an improvement/idea/feature to the current workings of drones.

Currently you can set a favorite, which will launch that group when SHIFT+F (per default).

We have a default group/favorite that reacts to the SHIFT+F, could we have a group to backfill any dead drones in that group?
So basically you have “Favorite group” and have it favorited. Then you have another group called “backfill” or something. (Or have tickbox to set if for backfill). Then make it such way that when you press SHIFT+F (launch) again, the backup group fills in the lost drones of your main group.
I would already be very happy and excited when you have to put in the exact same drone(s), but if there is room for specific backfill rules that would be even more nice. :slight_smile:

Sound like a good idea :slight_smile: Basically the groups will become templates? So if you have a template of 2 warriors and 3 infiltrators, then it will try to launch 2 warriors and 3 infiltrators when u activate it

I also believe there should be a warning sound if a drone is taking damage and i think you should be able to drag and drop drone templates to the hot bar and control them with F1 etc. thats all.


Yes indeed. Something along those lines.

The alarm, imho, is not really needed. It would make it too easy. I do like the fact that drone boats have to pay attention and manage them. Hence the requirement to press the “launch” button when you notice you lost one. It should definitely no be automatic :slight_smile:

You can approximate this by adding more than five drones to the group

Indeed. I did not mention that :frowning: sorry. But it’s where you have like 2 or more squads that you use. e.g. with a dps, jam, support flight then you have to micromanage them.
For boats that can only like field one flight sure it works, but not when you have a drone boat with more than one purposed squad.

I see no reason why you couldnt bind keys to launch groups 1 - 5

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Well yeah , but it might get too easy to drone boat. Also BOT

I dont know that wrestling with UI elements should be considered a core part of using drones. Other weapons systems are a single button and dont have their own health pools. I also wouldnt consider it much of a leap beyond the keys that already launch and recall drones as far as bots are concerned. Youre in Sansha space, youre only using the one type of drone.

On the flipside this would be great for drone boats to get a little more out of utility drones with less hassle. Or hey, in go my sentry drones and out come a flight of light drones in just a few easy buttons


Drone ships have always been harder to use than necessary. Look at how long it took us just to get a “launch drones” command. Ideally there would be “launch” buttons next to each group header. I fully support saved drone groups that can be loaded for any ship with a drone bay. I have a few ideas of my own to make drones more interesting that I might post.

:thinking: Actually if you hover a group header… :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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Wow, good to know. So the question is…why should we have to do that? Would have been easier for them to just leave it visible all the time. These are the kind of “design” decisions that make no sense to me.

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