Launching drones

So the top option in the drone menu is now “view market details” instead of “launch drones”. Can whomever made that decision go talk with some people who actually play the game and ask them how little sense that change made (preferably when not drunk and/or coked out of his mind)?


there is already a thread on this subject. but yes, the context menu is pretty stupid. you can launch your drones by either dragging the group into space OR click the drone launch icon at the farrrrrrr right of the drone window. ))

Or use a hotkey. I use “H” for launch, “F” for attack, and “K” for return. (“G” is overheat highslot 1, which is usually “guns”, and I have absolutely no idea what “J” does).

Seems like sanity prevailed (at least for now). Please assign the genius who made the original change to that new cr*p NFT project.

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