Suggestions where to enable Radial Menu in the UI

  • in Show Info windows on all sorts of things (planets, belts, moons, structures, stations, systems) in the respective tabs. I find it very frustrating to mash the right click menu on belts, planets and other things in the Orbital Bodies tab or Adjacent Systems tab to warp to something or show info on something.
  • in the Asset window both on items (to check prices, show info, compare) and locations (to show info, set desto, bookmark). Karkur has stated in the past that this might cause interference with accidental dragging of items around; however, since the same interference potential is present in the overview among other places, I don’t think it is that much of an issue.
  • in the Market in order entries (show info, set destination).
  • in the Industry window on facilities (show info, set destination)
  • on the Neocom sidebar. For instance, if you long click on the char portrait, you have the option to go directly to skills, standings, history, kill reports. If you long click on Assets, you can go directly to Region, System, Safety.
  • on modules to select ammo (particularly useful on weapon disruption/remote support modules), and weapons if it has customizable fields for quick ammo selection (like 1 slot for close range, 1 slot for medium range, 1 slot for long range ammo).
  • on links in chats to open URL, or set desto/show info on ingame subjects
  • in the Research Agents tab in the journal to Start Convo with the agent and show info and set desto/add waypoint.
  • in chat channel user lists to add people in fleet to watch list, invite them to fleet, invite them to a convo, show info, add as contact
  • in the ship hangar on ships to show info, open cargo, open fleet hangar, open fuel bay, board ship, open fitting.
  • in the neocom on People & Places to open specific folders without having to open the PP window.
  • in the neocom on Mails to open mails or notifications.

  • Radial menus on planets should have Moons, Asteroid Belts, Pocos in the second layer of the radial menu to quickly go to them

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