More useful sidebar/Neocom - Buttons with functionality

I don’t think this is exactly a little thing, which is why I did not put this in Little Things.

I would like to see the buttons in the Neocom have more functionalities than just “Turn of Blink” and “Remove Shortcut”. Via right click on the button:

  • Fleet should have the option “Create Fleet” and “Create Fleet with Setup” so that you do not have to click on the button, open the Fleet window, move your mouse over to the window, click on the hamburger, and then again click on “Form Fleet/Form Fleet with Setup”
  • Fleet should in addition have the option “Create Advert” if you are in your own fleet.
  • People & Places should have the option to go directly to Contacts, Agents or Places tab as I regularly find myself needing to switch between those when I want to check bookmarks or contacts status.
  • Map should have the option to open Star Map or System Map.
  • Fitting should have the option to get you straight to Simulation without having to open Fitting window first and then click on Simulation.
  • Assets should have the options to go straight to the respective tabs of the window.
  • Contracts should have the option to go to the different tabs of the window, as well as directly open the Create Contract dialog.
  • Market should have the option to open the My Orders window without having to open the market first.

Just a few examples of things that I think could improve the usability of the UI by a lot and remove some unnecessary clicks.

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The fitting browser does have the option to simulate a fit without opening the fitting screen first.
The hamburger menu on any ship information window also allows you to simulate the ship with an unfit layout.

It has, but that’s even more clicks. When I want to go straight for Simulation, I usually have a Ship Scan that I want to input right away without too many additional clicks. :slight_smile:

Another funny post.

“Eve has too many mouse clicks!”

Thanks for pointing out that pointless “not”.

Yes, EVE definitely has too many mouse clicks. Remember the time when CCP reworked the PI/PP UI and counted the clicks? :joy:

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Rt click yourself in a chat, “form fleet with”

That is also not the same because you can only form a completely unmodified fleet. I usually want to form a fleet with a specific safed setup to save myself time and clicks as I do not have to turn on free move, create a suitable squad/wing structure and setup MOTD.

  • Fleet should in addition have the option “Create Advert” if you are in your own fleet.

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