Make all clickable functions visible and obvious by default

I hate having to click on that microscopic upper left corner button in windows to access functions over and over. A good example is the “simulate ship” button in the info windows for ships. There are other examples but the bottom line is that clearly labeled buttons are preferable to nearly-invisible hidden options. Perhaps a button bar could be added to the top of each window type with all the main functions consolidated, a bit like the classic Windows UI does. While we’re on the subject, maybe we could get those small, clickable pictures turned into distinct buttons so we know which ones we can interact with. It was months after I first started playing that I figured out you could click on things in mission descriptions and get info about them. Form what I’ve seen Photon is addressing almost none of these ancient shortcomings. I hope I’ve been clear about what I’m asking for.

I had this problem with the new drones UI. I didn’t even know how to launch my drones into space until I asked a friend after CCP did that update. Does it really hurt anything to show the clickable icons if your mouse is not hovering over them?

The super annoying thing I have found is when you are in a ship with multiple cargo holds and you have the cargo visible in space. What is annoying is when you have the cargo window set super small and have to turn on the left column to select your mining hold, then you have to turn it off again so you can see your ore hold. I mine with multiple ships and I have to do this with each one every time I start mining.

When I first started mining, the left column was turned off and I didn’t know how to turn it on so I could see my ore hold!! That was super annoying.

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