I found some design flaws

  1. Go to Contracts–> My Contracts. The buttons for “View more” and “Get Contracts” overlap each other.
    Also, the drop down menu “Action” is too small so you can’t see the entire text.
  2. Launching probes for scanning has a big button with an added shortcut B. However, the button for recovering probes is way to small and doesn’t have a short cut so it’s very hard to click that little button each time you need to recover probes.
  3. Under Locations (L) the tabs that show type,jump,sol etc are bunched together as default so you don’t see the text.
  4. In the fitting window. Two of the most important buttons are Import & Export on the left and Multibuy on the right. Those should be bigger or more visable in some way. Manage drones and Save As doesn’t need to be that big.
  5. When setting destination, the colors showing the Security Status of the system are now very mild which makes it very hard to see the difference between a 0.5 system and a 0.4 system. Since jumping into low sec is the most common mistake that new players make the colors need to be vibrant without any white filter on it so that people can easily see the difference. This also goes for all other colors for 1.0, 0.9, 0.8 and so on. You need to easily be able to see the difference in color for each system since different security status will let you know the liklihood of getting HS ganked, the liklihood of getting good loot in exploration and so on.
  6. If you set your Hangar Display window to show X amount of rows, each time you undock and then redock it resets to show only one row and all other rows are empty.
  7. In inventory, it’s very useful to expand Corp hangars or ship hangars so that they stay that way. However, each time you undock and redock it resets so you have to expand the corp hangars and ship hangars all over again.
  8. In the fitting window. Mass of the ship is displayed with one number missing. For example, I’m now looking at a Moa fit. It should have 62 million mass with afterburner on. However it is displayed like this: 62.000.00

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