Couple things old UI did better (placement/ size stuffs)

Recover probes button. It’s small and crammed together with probe stat info icons

  • sometimes there is need to hide probes, the faster the better. tiny button doesn’t help with that
  • it’s good practice to recover probes before changing system… even though there is an auto-recover function it’s sometimes buggy and can lead to probe loss

suggested solution: make it bigger, maybe as another same-sized button near to to “launch”
in same window, the “show solar system” button is far less visible than in old UI (less bright, lacks the surrounding box) - could be made more visible.

Item quantity/ est. price blurs into one string in inventory windows. Especially with big amounts (unlike my example)

  • one string makes it hard to estimate quantity/ isk at a glance

suggested solution: separate those two values, up/down or left/right side of the window

Speed indicator is grey-ish, which combined with the dark-ish blue background makes it hard to read

  • speed is one of the most important values and shouldn’t be hard to read

suggested solution: make it same brightness as other text

Button sizes.

  • “OK” button to close the login reward window is super tiny
  • “board my corvette” button way too big… Or maybe should be at right side of the screen to avoid accidentally pushing it while looking at inventory and then trying to undock fast

Suggested solution: closer look at buttons



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