An easy/easier way to access bookmarks?

There has to be an easy way to access (as in select, align to, and warp to) my bookmarks other than alt-E or right click locations.

What’s the point in having safe points if it takes so long to select, align and warp to them?

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Ha ha ha. You got that right!

Right click right on screen and select is pretty fast imho.
You don’t have to align manually, btw, but your ship will need its time either way.

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It is not as fast as spamming a button.

All the right-clicking is exactly why Eve has a reputation for being a spreadsheet, not a game.

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Hmm. I wonder if Siri and Aura share an interface…
“Computer? Engage!”

Alternatively, we should order a 100 key keboard for all the functions we like to shortcut.
“Make it so, Mr Xeux.”

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CCP_Lebowski addressed this when the bookmark system was switched over. I don’t know of any new options since his recommendations.

Specifically, the L key shortcut to open a window with your in system bookmarks can give you quicker access by bypassing the right click menu to access them, though some, including myself, still found that more cumbersome than we’d have liked.


I like that!

Thanks :+1:

This. I accidentally removed the bm list from my screen yesterday … and needed the help of the help channel to get it back … it’s L, L, L.

I just leave the people and places window open on the “locations” tab and have it sorted by jumps so the ones in system appear at the top. Then I name them such that they are easy to use. All that right clicking BS takes too long to use.

You still have to right-click on the bookmark!

I just use the radial menu on them.

The radial menu is worse than the red dot.

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I will get teh radial menu to show as I come out of warp, and as soon as jump shows I let go. I use the radial menu all the time!

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Most of that stuff you can acces with shortcut keys. Trying to move your probes while you are scanning? NOPE! RADIAL MENU!! Trying to rotate your view away from the station? NOPE! RADIAL MENU!!

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Obiously there’s mouse guys and keyboard guys :wink:
Tbh, I’m also rather a mouse guy. You definitely train your sensitivity in your right index fingertip.
But I like my idea, I want a powerful Aura to talk to! When I think twice, that’s a mess when in fleet comms, though, or in family comms.

Yet another option, especially when doing something aligned: S + leftclick the BM in space (will have to make sure they are displayed)

Switch it over to the right button. Handy and no mess.

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Is that a new option? I don’t remember seeing that before, when I went in there to slow down its appearance.

Yeah it is possible to assign which button opens the radial menu and the delay time.

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