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There’s any recommended way to organise our bookmarks?

By place or by function?
I have them by function but it’s increasingly difficult to find a safe spot to warp while scrolling and scrolling and scrolling under enemy fire…

Thanks for your patience.

P.S. Not easy to change bookmarks one folder to another, do we have to edit it one by one?

you can drag and drop them from a folder to another one. You can even do it for a group of bookmarks (using shift or ctrl to select them)

I’ll typically fly with my BM folder always open, and sorted by distance. This way I see bookmarks in-system first, and anything else below that. I live in wormhole space, this means that:

  • if I am in a wormhole my corp has mapped, I’ll see all (bookmarked) sigs in system
  • if I am locked out of my wormhole, I’ll see the nearest connection back home at the top of the BM list. (Assuming my corps deletes bookmarks for collapsed wormholes.)
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Make a naming scheme for your bookmarks.
Mine is rather simple.

Safespots are named „ss#“ with # being the number being raised with every bookmark. Sometimes I add things like „ss2 (central)“ to it or „ss3 (deepsafe)“ in brackets to further describe the bookmark.

My tacticals on gates consist of three parts:
[System gate leads to] + @[distance] + [orientation]

That would look like this:
O3-4MN @400 side
QRFJ-K @250 top
The last part is super useful as it enables me to differentiate between different pings on the same gate like: top, topside, below, belowside, side, otherside, etc.
Paired with the distance in kilometers, I can easily choose a good bookmark to warp to.
If I expect to get combat probed, I also warp at range to my bookmarks to avoid to compromise them.

Oh, and I also have a „tmp“folder where I safe temporary things like pings made mid fight or signatures that are expected to be gone within a few days.

There is also an option to bind a shortcut that skips all the subfolders. When holding down that key and right click you get the list of local bookmarks directly.
You can also just hit „L“ which should open a window with your all bookmarks of you current system.
Sadly it’s not updating on system change automatically.

Hope that was useful to you.

Thank you all very very much.
I start to see the light. :slightly_smiling_face:

I haven’t yet made up my mind about how to best organise bookmarks after the latest changes, but here are a couple things that you may find useful regardless:

  • Prefix bookmark names with a tag that identifies their type, e.g. “[SS]” for safe spots, “[Gate]” for bookmarks around a gate.

  • Go to Esc menu > Shortcuts > Window, find the “Open Local Locations” command there and change the shortcut to something that still works when a window that accepts keyboard input has focus (the default ‘L’ doesn’t). FWIW, I changed it to ‘Alt-L’. Open that window by using the newly assigned shortcut and stack it with the People & Places window so you may keep it open without it taking up additional screen space.

I love the new Local Locations window. It sure does automatically update after each system jump for me…


I wasn’t aware of that feature. Fantastic, it helps a lot.

I wasn’t using the last, orientation. It makes all the difference. :slightly_smiling_face:

It actually does now! :smiley:
I remember testing it a couple days ago and it didn’t back then. My thoughts where “If that would update automatically that would be even more useful.”

Thanks for bringing it to my attention again. That made my day! :smile:

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Well, glad to know, but I think it’s been working that way for me since I started using it the first day this feature became available… :thinking:

here is an example of what my bookmarks list looks like:

f 1
f 2 14+au
g Jita 300km
g Sobaseki 450km
s 3-2 < 0km
s 3-2 >> 600km
s 3-5 <! 0km
s 3-5 !>> 600km
w PJX-343 Unstable Wormhole
z JJS-900 combat Serpentis Vigil
z mtu1

and some explanation:
f is safespot, alphabetically at top of list to find quickly
g is gate tacs, with a distance so i know if I can safely warp at 100 without landing too close to gate
s is station tacs. < indicates an instadock. <! indicates an instadock at a kickout station. >> indicates an instaundock.
w is wormholes
z is sites and other lower priority/temporary bookmarks

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