Need help figuring out the new bookmark system

Hello, as an explorer, I like to travel widely through the Eve universe. As I learned early on, it is important to make bookmarks for systems. I have a lot of bookmarks. Now CCP has changed things up. I’m not against the overall idea, but they seem to have limited bookmarks drastically, and I can’t figure out the best way to do this. In particular, I share my bookmarks with my other toon, but this seems to be even more limited.

I thought I would reorganize by making a folder for every region. However, there are more than 30 regions and you can only have 30 folders? What’s worse, you can’t share more than five?

How many star systems are there? Assuming at least 3 gates on average, I like to make about 10 book marks per system. Some systems require more than that, especially for PVP. But there is a maximum of 30,000 bookmarks allowed?

Is there a reasonable and useable way to reorganize so that I can have bookmarks for most systems?
Thanks for any help.

I don’t understand CCP’s reasoning. It seems as though they didn’t want 10,000 characters to each have their own copy of the same bookmark - they were hoping that bookmarks would be shared, rather than copied. Yet . . . they made the shared folders much smaller than the private folders. So, anybody with a lot of bookmarks has to set up semi-temporary shared folders and then copy the bookmarks down to private folders for each of their characters. This is not a big deal, because the copying process is fast, but it pretty much defeats the whole idea of having one Jita undock bookmark for all of your alts.

Anyway, you can have a total of 30 private bookmark folders. Each folder can hold up to 3000 bookmarks. Each folder can also be organized with any number of subfolders. So, you can have 90,000 bookmarks, which should be enough. Out of those 30 folders, only 5 can be online at any time - but if you organize them in some sort of region-specific way, you won’t need to change your setting all that frequently. Also, onlining and offlining bookmark folders is pretty quick.

It is a different system than the old one, but seems to work fine once you get used to it. Copying and moving bookmarks is lightning-fast now.


Thanks, I guess I misunderstood the options a bit. Still a royal PITA.
What does “disconnecting” a folder do? Permanently gone?

Offlining just greys it out.

If it is a shared folder, you can disconnect from it or offline it. Offlining doesn’t hurt anything, but it still counts against your 30 folder total. Disconnecting doesn’t destroy the folder, but it does remove it from your list. I don’t know what happens if everybody, including the folder’s creator, disconnects from the folder. I have been rather timid about testing the limits of the new folder system.


So, if I want to keep the most available, let’s say I have three toons. Is the best approach to use temp folders to copy all the bookmarks to one guy who keeps them in the personal folders, then he shares them out to the other three toons, changing as needed? The pain is going to be making sure new bookmarks by different toons update across all toons.
Or I might have this jumbled up again…

What I have done is create a bunch of shared folders with one guy: “Syndicate 1/Syndicate 2/Syndicate 3” for example, or “Syndicate Safe Spots/Sydicate Stations/Syndicate Gates” if you want to keep things extra-organized (remember, each shared folder only holds 500 bookmarks, so you probably need a bunch of them). Then I share those folders with everybody else who creates or uses those bookmarks. I make sure I have all the relevant bookmarks in those shared folders, then I copy them down to each character in their own private “Syndicate” folder - or maybe “NPC null” or just “Nullsec” - depending on how many bookmarks you have.

Once I do this, I think it is best to delete the original shared folders and just set up a “Syndicate New” (or just “New” if you don’t make a lot of new bookmarks) folder that everybody shares. Otherwise, if you keep adding to the folders that you shared, it will be really hard to figure out which bookmarks were already copied to your private folders.


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