Please Loosen Restrictions on Folders in the Locations window

Trying to create a concise folder system for my locations window. However, it says I can only have a max limit of 5 folders? why CCP? Could we please up the cap limit to at least 10 folders? no excuse to have such absurd limitations even for eve standards considering there are mega alliances out there that are probably screaming for a lot more than 10 folders

i have a tip
i usually buy a lot of some useless items and leave ONE in a base that have some interest
its a wonderful trick , but there is a flaw
wen i look at my assets i see the item i think … the ■■■■ is that
and i get confused
and i never go there anymore
sometimes I’m in a unknown place . and i see that i have a item one jump away , the feeling of being at home is very comforting

not talking about personal assets, talking about locations window

Are you an alpha?
Am not gettin the same. I am ablt to create more then 5 folders under personal locations and shared locations.

The number of bookmarks that a player can have is not unlimited.

  • Each personal bookmark folder can contain 3000 bookmarks.
  • You can have up to five personal bookmark folders online at once.
  • You can have up to 30 personal bookmark folders (online+offline)
  • Each shared bookmark folder can contain 500 bookmarks.
  • You can have up to three shared bookmark folders online at once.
  • You can be connected to up to 30 shared bookmark folders (online+offline)
  • New bookmarks in shared bookmarks become usable 2 minutes after being added.
  • Changes to shared bookmark folder access take up to 5 minutes to apply.

Online bookmark folders are active and can be viewed and used. Offline bookmark folders are inactive and cannot be viewed or used. Note that “visible in space” and “offline” are two separate states. Offline bookmarks are separated into “Offline folders” section in people & places window. Bookmark folders can be onlined and offlined by right clicking them and selecting the appropriate menu item.

So you see. You can have more than 5, just not available all at once (personal folders) and up to 15k bookmark locations

But up to 30 are shared, so idk why you are complaining


@Solstice_Projekt Shareable Bookmarks: Alliance Bookmarks and More! | EVE Online

He just pasted the dev blog info. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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Eve uni actually

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