Larger Bookmarks Folder

Can we have more bookmarks available in our folders?

it used to be unlimited iirc, and CCP decided to give it a limit. One solution to bridge the gap, would be to have a local bookmarks folder where we could have an unlimited number of bookmarks without causing a massive amount of clutter on their servers.

Seriously? I thought it was old code but now that I knew they used to have it and now don’t, I’m annoyed

There’s probably a legitimate reason for it, such as stack overflow. (I’m not sure that particular issue is involved, but who knows with old code.) When the system was created, they probably didn’t envision the multitude of bookmarks some people could create.

But yes, I still say the solution would be to allow people to have unlimited bookmarks stored on a local hard drive. And then you could move them on and off the cloud whenever you need to use specific bms on another computer or just want to save a particular location in case your computer dies.

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