Increase limit on bookmark folders and share

Currently it only allows me 5 folders and 3 public shares connected online.

Can we have this limit increased or removed?

Pretty sure these were technical limitations not arbitrarily imposed limitations.

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We can go to the moon and back with the power of a calculator or less, I’m sure we can have more than 5 folders and 3 online shares.

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That’s for every player so it’s a bit more than just 5 and 3

Also as far as computers go, it doesn’t take much to get to the moon.

Well with the player count heading towards zero, I’m sure we can have more folders and shares as the player count drops and as technology improves.

And… AWS… cloud… pretty sure databases can handle a lot of rows and columns these days, it’s not running on Excel.

Perhaps when they finish the upcoming database upgrade this will be an option.

I just posted that there lol.

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